Big Changes Ahead

I have been living in denial.

Next week, my husband and I are moving to Monterey, California. If you have been a follower for awhile, you know that I currently live in Philadelphia, by way of Washington DC, by way of cities along both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. This sense of less-than-permanency wherever I land should have prepared me for my next move, but I cannot help but feel sad about it.

Philadelphia is the GOAT. After living in the District of Columbia during the Obama years plus some, I did not think I would love any place as much as the nation’s capitol; however, I found myself in love with the OG capitol so much more than I imagined I could. It was the first place I lived with my husband, it is so pedestrian-friendly and walkable, it was so easy to make friends of whom I am going to miss so much, and it is just a very manageable city. I like to say that it is a diet city or a city light in that it is all of the stuff that I loved above DC, albeit with lower stakes.

As I mentioned in a post from earlier this week, I turned over my fall / winter wardrobe to spring / summer, in order to better prepare and pack for this move. Most of our possessions are heading into storage, as this move is going to be temporary. We will only be in Monterey for the next four months. Long enough to end our current lease, store most of our stuff, and pack everything else. We are living in a corporate living situation so our stuff is just not necessary and to be honest, I am looking forward to experimenting with a less stuff existence.

Four months is not enough time to begin and leave a new job, especially for someone who has split the last six years evenly between two companies. To that end, I am taking a break from work. Welcomed? I go back and forth on that. The past two quarters have been especially stressful, filled with twelve hour days that start when it is dark and end when it is dark. The cleaning staff knows me by name. Even when I was not at work, I was thinking about work. I ended on a very strong note, having pushed for my company to win two substantial contracts. I hope to hear back next week regarding whether we were successful in our efforts. I cannot think of a better going-away gift.

So how am I going to spend my days for the next fourĀ months? I convinced my husband to make the most of our cross country trip, and with that, I have carefully curated an itinerary of hotels that will take us from the Atlantic to the Pacific. I have some killer upcoming content and look forward to sharing it here.

Other than producing content, I look forward to taking a ton of yoga classes, start running again, adopting more healthy habits, and embracing the west coast lifestyle.

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