Sartorial Sustainability Sunday: Attempting a (Temporary) Downsize


In yesterday’s post, I shared my husband’s and my big news regarding our move across the country. In a week’s time, we will be on the road between Virginia and North Carolina, far away from the bed in which I am typing right now and far away from Philadelphia. We already started saying my goodbyes to some of our favorite Philadelphia people and Philadelphia food.

I spent yesterday drinking a bottle of rose while packing. With limited space in the car, I must be especially discerning with what I selected. If something was clear cut fall / winter, it went into a storage suitcase. If something was especially worn out, I took this opportunity to throw it away. As someone who tends to hold onto stuff long after its time is due, this move was a good catalyst for purging.

Several weeks ago when I flipped my closet, I packed two suitcases with spring and summer apparel. While two suitcases worth of clothing is a…lot, to put it in perspective, it is about a third of my seasonal wardrobe. Originally, I thought it would be fun to attempt a capsule wardrobe during the next four months, but while I was selecting what was going to join me in California, I found it to be difficult to pare down the wardrobe especially since I was not particularly smart on the Bay area weather.

Yesterday, I continued the mission and packed up shoes and handbags to go either go in storage or travel across the country with us. I finally opened the suitcase I will be living out of for the cross country road trip and started packing it. So far I have several sets of gym clothes, two swimsuits, two sets of pajamas, all of my sunglasses, and many undergarments. Just the necessities.

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