Shaken, Not Stirred

I love myself a cocktail shirt. Named for mixed shirting fabric, (like a mixed drink, get it?), a cocktail shirt has mixed colors and striped shirting fabrics. Depending on the company, I have heard of this style branded as a party shirt or fun shirt.

blog post featuring blue stripe button down // blog post featuring pastel stripe shirt

I never met a cocktail shirt that I did not love. Case in point: the above photos which were both on the blog respectively at the beginning and middle of 2017. Both of the shirts (likely sold out, but I included the link in the case of a freak return) were available in tall via J.Crew. I love that the style is a button up but the mixed patterns and / or colors just gives the shirt a less stuffy vibe. The cocktail shirt is as good as bought if the style is produced in tall sizing. I restrain myself otherwise, as appropriate fitting sleeves are a nonnegotiable for me. Both shirts still live in my closet as I think we will be lifers.

As a design, cocktail shirts are more frequently found in the men’s section, but there are currently a few female options available in the market.


This shirt is similar to the one that I wore on the blog circa February 2017. Unfortunately, it is only available in standard sizes, so if you are tall like me, you should sit this one out.



You might think that this shirt is…less than festive as cocktail shirts go, but that would be because this shirt is open to be customized. That is right ladies (gentlemen and boys too), you have a choice of fifteen fabrics for each section of this shirt: right front, left front, back , right sleeve, right cuff, left sleeve, left cuff, placket, and collar. You want to add a pocket? Pick your fabric. How about a monogram? There are two styles available. And if you want to add the retailer logo, that is up to you.

Sadly, this is not available in tall.

customization shirt


This cocktail shirt is available in standard, tall, petite and extended sizing. Talk about a shirt that we can all get behind! I have big plans for adding this to my collection of cocktail shirts.

solid color shirt (available in tall, petite, extended sizing)

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