Shopping Moratorium 2019 | 133/232


Last week I shopped in preparation for my California vacation. My best friend from graduate school was going to be in Los Angeles for a work conference and had a trip to Napa for Memorial Day planned, so we decided that it was best that he stay on the west coast for the week and explore the Golden State with me.

I am beyond excited. We are going to so many cities that I have only scratched the surface of, if that. Next week, I am meeting him in Los Angeles, and from there we are going to Palm Springs, Paso Robles, and wrapping up in Monterey.

I needed a weekender bag and a long torso swimsuit for the trip. The suit was marked down and so inexpensive, less than 25 dollars. I splurged on the weekender but as far as these types of bags go, it was relatively cheap. I signed up for email updates – from which I will inevitably unsubscribe – and saved twenty percent, as well as getting free shipping and handling with the Mothers’ Day promotional code.

I splurged on a tie dye sweater. I have been stalking it and it’s polo shirt and oxford counterparts, as they are all listed on the website but never available in any size… Until last week, when the sweater was available in limited sizes. I jumped at it and even though it was especially pricey, I will at least be able to identify my size and have the opportunity for a free return.

Lastly, I bought a vintage Brooks Brothers dress. I think it was probably made in the 1980s. Shopping vintage can be a double edge sword: If you spot something you love, you have to jump at it. There were other identical dresses in the fifty to hundred dollar ranges (linked!), but my size was a mere nine dollars and another nine dollars for shipping, I snagged the dress ASAP.

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