Lucindervention Loves Lucite Accessories

I distinctly recall the first time I noticed lucite accessories within the pages of a glossy. The November of 2001 I had gotten my little paws on an issue of Cosmopolitan. The cover tag line, “is stress making you bitchy” really sold me on the issue that I procured at the local KMart. (Spoiler alert: I have been stressed out about something since the sixth grade; at that time, at the time I was stressed about college early admissions and it was indeed likely making me bitchy.) Granted that these days I have a general distaste for the magazine, but back then along with Lucky and Glamour, the risque magazine seemed aspirational back then.

One of the monthly two page style spreads in the front half of the magazine featured articles of clothing in the brightest of shades. The magazine directed readers to style the colors with lucite heels and accessories to avoid the heaviness than basic black would bring. I would never wear a pair of lucite heels, as I associate those with Pamela Anderson. Not on-brand for me.

Lucite accessories, though? Count me in. While the concept of dressing high-low does not particularly have symbiosis with my style, that being classic / traditional. I think it does work with accessories. Pairing a lucite bangle with a pearl bracelet? Oh, hell yes.

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