Shopping Moratorium 2019 | 168/197


With an impending move, I have not been in the shopping mood.

So far, I have packed a mere suitcase. One more suitcase, one duffel bag, a LL.Bean Boat Tote, a Lilly Pulitzer tote, a backpack and a laptop case to go! That does not include my husband’s luggage. We need to fit it in his sedan for the five day road trip back to the east coast, so buying more luggage for the excess is not an option.

I honestly should not have packed so much to bring out this way. To be honest, the clothing that has gotten the most usage has been my workout and yoga clothes and for good reason! In the three months I have been in Monterey, I have taken twenty pilates reformer classes and at least sixty yoga classes. Yes, some days have been two-a-days.

As it stands, I get the impression that we are going to have to ship some stuff to back to the east coast. Accumulating anything else is just not an option.


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I try on the short pants, so you don't have to.

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