Paillettes, Please

Anyone who has followed and shopped J.Crew through the last few decades likely has a favorite stage of which they reminisce. In order to reminise, one has to mentally categorize each phase, which can vary from person to person. Below are the five stages of J.Crew according to Lucindervention:

  • post-Lyons era, characterized by limited tall lengths, poly-blend
  • the Jenna Lyons era, characterized by long length pants (denim, corduroy, suiting), tops, outerwear, and dresses no doubt influenced by the literal height of the iconic creative director, acid brights, sequins turned up to eleven
  • early 2000s, characterized by a sprinkling of sequins on everything from angora twinsets to wool skirts, “tall” range jeans with 34 inch inseams
  • the norm core 1990s, characterized by the iconic one piece swimsuit, linen button downs (for guys and gals), tweed, barn jackets
  • pre-1990s, exclusively the catalog years

This outfit was comprised of items from the Jenna Lyons era.

the coat

This coat came in several different colorways. Had I know tall coats would become as hard to come by from the purveyor of prep essentials as they now are, I would have bought every hue. I was on the fence between buying the ivory hacking jacket with the contrast tipping (another genius style, by the way) and the ivory peacoat with the contrast tipping. I landed on the latter as I thought I would get more use out of it.

Fifty percent of the time that I reach for a black coat, I divert to this coat. It is more polished, more classic, and more unexpected than nearly every other piece outerwear in my closet. Unlike that ubiquitous cocoon coat (no hate, I own one too), I have never seen someone else wear this one.

the skirt

The J.Crew skirt selection came before the coast the day that I wore this outfit. The elastic waist is especially kind to a post-partum body. Though it is a sweater material, it is the type of skirt that can be layered over tights or worn without. My favorite part about it are the paillettes, or the large sequins. Rather than a metallic, they are clear and imposed with a floral print, which makes it wearable for the daytime.

I was wearing this skirt when my husband proposed marriage so you could say that it is a closet lifer.

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