Vintage Lilly Pulitzer III

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The temperature is heating up and even the Central Asia steppe is thawing. This is nature’s way of telling us that Lilly Pulitzer season is on it’s way. While the Lilly Pulitzer website is restricted from access from Central Asia, I still have access to the new arrivals via Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Neiman Marcus.

It is no secret that the Lilly Pulitzer brand is wildly popular with a certain set of white woman. I am among that contingent. I do not love twinning with countless ladies who favor similar style. The solution? Wearing vintage Lilly.

I cannot help but notice that my posts about vintage Lilly Pulitzer are clearly the most popular ones. Whether you are new here or a returning visitor, welcome and thank you for visiting my new and improved post about shopping for vintage Lilly Pulitzer. From the secondary market, I guarantee that you will find a frock that is unmistakably Lilly and nobody else will have it. This is how you shop for vintage Lilly Pulitzer:

identifying vintage Lilly Pulitzer time frame

The label tells all when it comes to identifying the time frame of your potential vintage Lilly find. Examine the fabric content. If it is one hundred percent cotton, it is truly a first generation dress. The 1960s brought a 35% cotton / 65% poly blend. (Nearly all of my vintage Lilly dresses are of this generation.) In true Carol Brady form, a one hundred percent polyester knit was introduced by the brand, and as it became standard for 1970s clothing.

The Vintage Fashion Guide is the best resource for not only Lilly Pulitzer labels and identifying time frames based upon them, but so many other brands.

searching for vintage Lilly Pulitzer

When perusing eBay and Etsy for vintage Lilly Pulitzer, I recommend searching for the following, in order of my success:

Since I purchased most of my vintage from eBay, I have never been able to try on prior to buying. Learn from my lessons:

  • Always look at the measurements of the item. If the measurements are not included in the item listing, then request them from the seller. Lay flat a dress that fits and measure it. Compare measurements.
  • Vintage Lilly Pulitzer runs small. I only purchase items that are at least a size larger than what I would wear in today’s line. I once fell in love and bought a dress that was four sizes larger than what I would typically wear. A trip to the tailor and I have a dress customized to my size perfectly. I wore it to my birthday party two years ago.
  • Read the fine print about the item because finding a NWT condition vintage Lilly item is next to impossible. If you have any doubts about an item, ask the seller if there are any flaws and subsequently, for photos.

shopping for vintage Lilly Pulitzer

I found a considerable selection of vintage Lilly Pulitzer via eBay. Below are my picks and my best guess at the time period during which it was produced based on the tag information and appearance. As always, do your due diligence on the fabric content, quality, and fit, before buying.

100% cotton

cotton poly blend

100% synthetic

loopy “L” label

butterfly label

sportswear division



maxi dresses

Liza (junior’s) label

men’s label

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