A Dudley Stephens Review

I wore this outfit in zero degree Fahrenheit. Nothing like living on the Central Asia steppe to put temperature in perspective.

the Dudley Stephens cobble hill turtleneck

I initially ordered this turtleneck in a size large. I selected the Cobble Hill style to accommodate my height as recommended by Dudley Stephens via Instagram direct message dialogue; however I don’t think the length of my torso necessitated it. The fit is not ideal for the tall torso, as the point where the hips should fit rode up to the waist and did not appear especially flattering.

Conversely, the arms were not as long as I hoped them to be and were rather tight in the upper arm, thus deciding to go up a size. This resulted in a shirt especially too large throughout the body and ill fitting arm holes.

Unless Dudley Stephens begins producing tall size range pieces (and the brand should!), this will be my last purchase from the influencer favorite brand. The Cobble Hill Turtleneck will be relegated to to / from the gym only.

I am wearing a size extra large.

the North Face freedom insulated snow pant

I ordered these pants weeks before moving to Kazakhstan. Along with the Freedom Insulated snow pant, I also tried the Sally pant. I predicted that the style I ended up keeping would be warmer. While I never went outdoors in the Sally pant, the Freedom Insulated pant never fails to keep me warm on the steppe.

When I wore them for the first time after losing 25 pounds last winter, I was worried they might be too large. Alas that is not the case. The pants have adjustable Velcro side tabs which easily allow the wearer to decrease and customize the pant size.

I am wearing a size extra large long.

the Lululemon high rise align legging

I bought two pairs of these leggings while pregnant with the Pamper Pirate and needing something to wear to prenatal Pilates. I previously deferred to the Lululemon Wunder Under, even under snow pants for snow activities, but since switching to the high rise Align leggings in either a 28 inch inseam or 31 inch inseam, particularly those made of Luon, I have not gone back. The Luon fabric feels particularly delicious.

I am wearing a size twelve.

turtleneck: Dudley Stephens • pants: The North Face • leggings: Lululemon • sunglasses: Ray Ban • boots: L.L.Bean • gloves: The North Face • earband: Lululemon (similar)

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