Fantastic Fair Isle

Neither of these pieces are from a tall size range and yet, they fit my six foot, two inch frame fantastically.

the Brooks Brothers fair isle sweater

About two months ago, I gave Brooks Brother shit for producing a taffeta polyester tartan skirt. I ripped that skirt new one in this blog post. However, on a positive note for the brand, I concluded the post with mentioning this exact fair isle sweater.

Unlike other fair isle sweaters that I have seen being pushed across social media and blogs this winter, this sweater is not some bastardized synthetic blend, and you know how I feel about polyester. Nor is this sweater so cropped that I would not have been able to wear this sans exposing midriff, even prior to hitting my pre-high school growth spurt.

At one hundred percent lambswool and on promotion, I immediately ordered the sweater. As Brooks Brothers does not have extended sizing, particularly of the tall variety, I refused to allow myself to get too excited about the sweater in the case it did not fit.

It fits. The length in the torso is perfect with either a skirt worn at the waist or a mid to high waist pair of denim or corduroys. Maybe khaki chinos?

I am wearing the sweater in a size large.

the J.Crew midi skirt in double serge wool

As thrilled as I am with a standard length size sweater fitting so well, I am equally so with the skirt. The skirt is so named as a midi, but the shape really is not what I think of when a midi comes to mind. Rather this skirt is a call back to the a-line styles of J.Crew past which never necessitated a long size range.

Allow me to back up. J.Crew releases a basic wool mini skirt on a yearly basis. I bought my first one, a black one, in 2012. The next year it was released in tall size range, and upped with a shirttail hem which I bought the black and the cream colorways. In 2017, the mini returned to a more basic shape inclusive of tall sizing, which I ordered in cream and navy. The next year, violet was offered in tall and I bought that too.

Cut to 2022. This year’s version is not available in tall. A shame, but also perhaps a moot point because the midi version is about ten inches longer than the mini version.

I am wearing the skirt in a size twelve, which is the same waist size as the mini version I have in the navy, cream, and violet. I had to buy those in a tall size because again, mini skirt.

sweater: Brooks Brothers • skirt: J.Crew • coat: J.Crew • tights: J.Crew • sunglasses: Ray Ban x Brooks Brothers • earmuffs: Brooks Brothers • boots: J.Crew • scarf: Burberry • earrings: J.Crew • necklace: J.Crew • gloves: Portolano • watch: Cartier (also here)

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