Old Books and a Vintage Look

Old City Philadephia is home to my favorite vintage stores. Primarily known for being the gallery district in the city, it is also home to several goldmines when it comes to thrift shopping. Shopping the secondary market is something in which I have been engaging more often, as it is a sustainable practice, especially when it […]

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Sartorial Sustainability Sunday: A Conversation with Susan, vintage enthusiast and owner of Foxy Couture

last… At the tail end of our California roadtrip, we stopped at a vintage store while we were at Carmel by the Sea. The owner of Foxy Couture, Susan, pulled vintage Lilly Pulitzer from backstock, along with Key West Fashions (a label of the same aesthetic and time frame) and provided intel about another brand […]

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Frock You!

As mentioned in my Shopping Moratorium four weeks ago, I starting poking around on eBay for vintage pieces in my favorite preppy brands: Lilly Pulitzer, J.Crew, Vineyard Vines (or at least as vintage as I could get as it is barely twenty years old), and Brooks Brothers. Ever since I found the best Brooks Brothers dress from […]

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While Jamie and I were in Palm Springs, I found the most fantastic vintage store adjacent to the place we had Sunday brunch. The Frippery is a vintage lover’s gold mine. Post-brunch, I dragged Jamie and my maid of honor who was also in Palm Springs, in the store. While Jamie went out on a mission […]

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Frock Star

Did anyone else catch this particular Lilly Pulitzer dress showing up on their Instagram feed on more than one lady’s Easter post? No doubt it is a great dress, so great in fact, that I purchased the Goop version of the style just last year and when the collection went on markdown. Luckily the general public’s aversion […]

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Sartorial Sustainability Sunday: A Conversation with Mimi, @theyearoflilly

last week… I virtually met Mimi of @theyearoflilly after she shared with me an amazing resource for identifying vintage Lilly Pulitzer and other brands. Since then, her feed has been on my radar and I find myself checking back at least once week to see how she works Lilly Pulitzer in her {literal} everyday wardrobe. Mimi […]

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Pack a Bag: The Monkey Tree Hotel, Part II

Jamie and I stayed at Monkey Tree Hotel in Palm Springs and I cannot wait to make the another trip back. As a preservationist, I can appreciate a storied history and the Monkey Tree Hotel has rich one. The property went through several iterations: the OG Monkey Tree Hotel phase ran from 1960 until 1988 when it switched hands and […]

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Shopping Moratorium 2019 | 161/204

last… I shopped eBay for vintage Lilly Pulitzer again. I really need to put a block on the website. Browsing turns into finding something special and knowing that there is only one of the item turns my browsing mindset to an obsessive mindset and an act immediately mindset. I bought two 1960s dresses. Reuse!  

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