Tie in the Sky

I flipped out when I saw this dress. We all saw the iteration of it in navy last fall, albeit in a lightweight wool fabric. The autumn prior came a sleeveless, asymmetrical version which, to be honest, I prefer against its contemporary versions. The updated spring color is what made me drool for the just [...]

Gangsta Wrap

I have been looking for more gingham pieces lately. It has proven to be a rather tricky task to find a dress that comes in tall. When waistlines creep up on bustlines and hemlines creep up to the Mason-Dixon line, not just any ole dress will do. This dress was released in tall yesterday. Rejoice [...]

24 / Lemon

I passed up multiple opportunities to purchase a gorgeous navy and white striped (or gingham? I honestly do not recall that detail...) tiered maxi dress last summer. To be honest, the first few times I saw it, the dress just did not strike my fancy. No love at first site. Do not pass go. It [...]

Gift Yourself

While I get more pleasure out of giving (and the subsequent gift wrapping) to others, especially around the holidays, I will not deny a gift to myself if I see an item at a competitive price point that I can see becoming a staple. It is easy to become so focused on others' needs that [...]

Floral Dress at El Vez

Floral Dress at El Vez

Like many women who came of age during the Sex and the City era, I draw inspiration from the outfits that Carrie and the girls wore. Certain selections from the late 90s / early 2000s wardrobes seems so timeless. While few of the get-ups trigger "What was Pat (Field, the legendary costume designer) thinking?", I romanticize [...]