Shopping Moratorium 2019 | 294/71


I finally bought the full printed skirt from the Goop x Lilly Pulitzer collaboration. I have been wanted to procure this one for awhile, but resigned myself that it would have to come from the secondary market once it disappeared from the Goop online store around this time last year and did not show up in the last two Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sales.

I found this skirt NWT in my size via Mercari. The first time I found it in my size and not a 00, I jumped to purchase it. I cannot wait to wear it next spring, Carolina Herrera-style, with a crisp white button down.


Shopping Moratorium 2019 | 287/78


Again, I have not been keeping up with the Shopping Moratorium series. Rather than the reason being that I have nothing to report back, I have gone through some weight gain lately (water weight?) and literally nothing fits.

I bought two Brooks Brothers dresses, each in several sizes (the discrepancy between the classic label and Red Fleece is real). While the sequin number fit, it was not flattering on my tall frame. Conversely, I was dying for the jacquard tartan frock to zip, alas it did not. C’est tragique.

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Shopping Moratorium 2019 | 213/152


I haven’t been keeping up with the Shopping Moratorium series. That is primarily because I have nothing to report back and though it feels so great to say that, it also feels like I have nothing to confess.

I broke my streak last Thursday. I bought one dress in three colors and in two sizes each. They are for an upcoming meeting, and potentially an upcoming job. My appearance is the last thing I want to worry when my professional skills are up for appraisal; for this reason I stopped wearing button ups tucked in to pants circa 2012. I want and need something that I can zip up and not worry about becoming untucked and appearing sloppy.

This dress will work.

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Shopping Moratorium 2019 | 231/134


I am particularly proud of the restraint that I exercised during the Ralph Lauren additional 40 percent off clearance. Cut to me purchasing two one hundred percent cashmere sweaters for one hundred dollars a piece. Keep in mind that these are were both originally four hundred dollars each. I am amped for autumn and if these shades of red and goldenrod do not scream “pair me with a pumpkin spice latte,” then I don’t know what.

My husband and I – mostly I – have been in hot pursuit of finding new accent pillows for our living room. We just installed new art in the living room and along with earth tones, the major color in the piece is blue. With that we are taking advantage of the redesign, albeit as minimal as it is, to change the color story in our living room.

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Shopping Moratorium 2019 | 209/156


I obsessed about this dress last summer. Tragically, I missed out of purchasing it. By a miracle, I found that nearly an entire size run was restocked nearly a year later. I went up my normal size as this brand runs small, as many contemporary brands tend to do, and I think the frock would be flattering in a slightly larger fit.

I could not deal with pining for this dress for another year. Time to make a home for it in my closet.

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Shopping Moratorium 2019 | 175/290


I completely spaced on my Shopping Moratorium update last week. It was not on my radar as shopping was not on my radar. I made it two weeks without shopping. for clothes.

Where is my trophy?

Conversely, we had to buy some stuff for the new apartment, as all of our home goods are in storage in a Philadelphia suburb and will remain as such until the end of this week. We took this opportunity to buy the best of what was available in store and using ever-so-many of my Bed, Bath, and Beyond coupons. In the words of Abbi Abrams, “THE COUPONS NEVER EXPIRE.” I stopped myself at attempting a secret handshake with a Bed, Bath, and Beyond sales associate.

This time.

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I need to return most of the pieces from my purchase from several weeks ago that I routed directly to our vacation destination. I ordered the shorts in the same size and same style as a pair I already own but tragically, the fit of the white colorway runs differently.

The seersucker one piece swimsuit did not stretch lengthwise. The fabric was absolutely static. Ordering a second suit in a size larger as the J.Crew Help Twitter handle recommended did not compensate for the fact that the suit was not long enough for the torso, as it is proportionate to my six foot two inch frame. Again, ever-so-tragic that J.Crew could not manage to make this suit (and others) in long torso.

Glass half full: I suppose it is good for the wallet.


Shopping Moratorium 2019 | 174/191


I am nearly packed up for the move.

There is certain stress that comes with a move from one coast to another. Our initial move out to the west coast did not go as smoothly as I would have liked. Consequently, I am taking advantage of the fact that I am not working up to the day that we are leaving to assure a seamless transition.

In less than two weeks, I have to select what is to be packed to go along with us for our cross country road trip, pack up the remainder and get the boxes to the post office (and waiting in the inevitable line) to send to our friends’ house on the east coast, subsequent house hunting in the district within a very limited time frame, and pack and catch a plane out of National for our fourth of July vacation. This is going to be a marathon, not a sprint.

Ordering anything to our current home has not been an option since I cannot be sure of how long it will take to ship and arrive; however I caved and ordered a few items for myself and my husband and had them sent straight to our vacation destination. Knowing that I have clean clothing at our final destination alleviates inner tension.

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Shopping Moratorium 2019 | 168/197


With an impending move, I have not been in the shopping mood.

So far, I have packed a mere suitcase. One more suitcase, one duffel bag, a LL.Bean Boat Tote, a Lilly Pulitzer tote, a backpack and a laptop case to go! That does not include my husband’s luggage. We need to fit it in his sedan for the five day road trip back to the east coast, so buying more luggage for the excess is not an option.

I honestly should not have packed so much to bring out this way. To be honest, the clothing that has gotten the most usage has been my workout and yoga clothes and for good reason! In the three months I have been in Monterey, I have taken twenty pilates reformer classes and at least sixty yoga classes. Yes, some days have been two-a-days.

As it stands, I get the impression that we are going to have to ship some stuff to back to the east coast. Accumulating anything else is just not an option.


Shopping Moratorium 2019 | 161/204


I shopped eBay for vintage Lilly Pulitzer again. I really need to put a block on the website. Browsing turns into finding something special and knowing that there is only one of the item turns my browsing mindset to an obsessive mindset and an act immediately mindset.

I bought two 1960s dresses. Reuse!

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Shopping Moratorium 2019 | 147/218


Who else shopped the Target / Vineyard Vines collaboration? Admittedly, in addition to shopping for my mom, dad, nieces, and nephews, I shopped for myself. I knew that once it was gone, it was gone. And it was gone about twenty minutes after the collection hit the online store, midnight PST.

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I ordered another vintage Lilly Pulitzer circa 1960s and am beyond excited for it to arrive. I know this style runs small, as I already purchased it in another colorway in a size twelve, and it barely zips.

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Lastly, I decided to take advantage of my last month in Monterey and start running the beach again. My old norts no longer have the drawstrings, so I purchased three pairs of marked down Nike shorts to replace my old pairs.

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