Shopping Moratorium 2019 | 91/274

last... After last week's eBay indulgence (I ended up purchasing five vintage Lilly Pulitzer dresses, each one fitting perfectly), I had to take pause before I allowed myself to further indulge in last week's Brooks Brothers Private Sale. Despite the fact that I attempted to combat the need to shop like a madwoman by simply writing about what [...]

Hasta Spa Vista, Baby.

Hasta Spa Vista, Baby.

This past weekend was my birthday. I celebrated by getting my hair cut and highlighted, a pedicure and gel manicure, dinner at Parc, and a day at the Philadelphia location of Rescue Spa. It was everything. Truth be told, I never indulged in spa services until I started long distance running in my mid-twenties and [...]

Checking In…

I did not stick to my healthy eating and exercise goals for the month of March. My discipline just isn't strong enough to stick to anything that isn't black-and-white strict, in the way that Whole30 is. So during the month of April, specifically starting on April 2, last Monday, I am back on the Whole30 [...]