Throwing Shade

Who else keeps their sunglasses in the cases in which they were purchased? That was me too, up until a year ago. While it is a respectable method of storage, it is not the optimum method of storage. How many times have you completely forgotten about owning a pair of boss sunglasses, but due to [...]

Bauble Boxes

As important as the jewelry we wear is how we store our pieces. For the longest time (read: nine years), I used a jewelry box that I purchased at the Peters Street Urban Outfitters when I took my little sister there for her eighteenth birthday. Along with an outfit for her (a graphic tee and [...]

Cook Before You Leap

Le Creuset just released a lilac set of cookware. It is so good. We have a bunch of the blue gifted from our wedding registry and I can envision the two colors meshing beautifully. The price points start at $20. grill // braiser // skillet   Dutch oven (small) // Dutch oven (medium) // Dutch [...]