Rugby + Tweed

The grass is always green on the other side. I do not think that this cliche applies to anything more than seasons. When it is 90 degrees in summer, I cannot wait for winter layers. When it is winter, I cannot wait to shed the black opaque tights. Spring never seems long enough but the allergies linger long after the temperatures hit the mid-seventies, at least in the cities where I have lived ever since I can remember being ailed with itchy eyes and sneezing nose. The season that I cannot get enough of is – total shocker, I know – autumn.

Even thought it is a solid five months away, I am planning my autumn wardrobe and associated activities now. Corduroy? Yes. Wine accessories? Absolutely. Tweed? You know it. I imagine this year’s aesthetic to be 1980s Ralph Lauren ad. Tired: apple orchard and the pumpkin patch visits. Inspired: taking a weekend for a historic hotel, preferably in Virginia wine country.

What does my fall aesthetic mean to me specifically? It breaks down as such: tweed mini skirt (this one will do), tweed of a different pattern coat or blazer (like this one or this one as seen on the blog here), brown or oxblood boots, and the piece de la resistance, a rugby shirt, preferably one of my husband’s.

Something about a rugby shirt reminds me of a back-to-school wardrobe and the movies You’ve Got Mail and Stepmom. In the Venn diagram of these concepts, the overlap lies in the season of autumn. (See?! Chick flicks train us to love autumn. #pumpkinspiceeverything) One of my biggest impressions of going back to school circa eighth grade was that the student council uniform shirt was a maroon and white striped rugby with the school crest embroidered on it. Kicking through a pile of leaves in Manhattan while wearing a rugby shirt would feel beyond nostalgic, circa 1998.

Rugby stripes for her –

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Rugby stripes for him –

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Tweed skirts –

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Tweed coats –

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Boots –

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My Kind of Athleisure

I think we could all use a different kind of athleisure in our lives. While I will not be discarding my leggings anytime soon, I think it is time to retire them from the times when we do not intend on breaking out a sweat. No more leggings at brunch, okay y’all?

Rather than sporting it street in leggings and hoodies, though we can certainly reserve that look exclusively for time scheduled for exercise, I think it is time that we should start playing it prep in cricket blazers and tennis sweaters. Not only are the usual suspects {Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Lacoste, Brooks Brothers} serving up tennis sweaters, but so are high end brands: Burberry, Alexander Wang, and Off White.

left to right: navy + pink stripes on cream // white stripes on yellow // navy + red stripes on cream


left to right: green + white stripes on navy dress // burgundy + navy stripes on cream (last on the blog here and here and here) // navy + orange on teal


left to right: blue + red stripes on white // green + white stripes on navy (also available in white) // multicolor stripes on white // gold + white on navy


left to right: gold on black sequins // coral on white // black on natural cardigan // white + navy on burgundy (also available in navy, a burgundy vest version, and a gold vest version)


left to right: blue + black stripes on white vest // white stripes on black

And because I am not a complete monster, I included tennis sweaters for the gentlemen too. I cannot wait to surprise my husband with one of these, which he will inevitably, but likely begrudging, sport.

clockwise from top left: navy stripe on natural // navy stripe on white // burgundy + navy stripe on white // gold + navy stripe on white





The beauty of classic style is that I know I will never look back on photos of myself and wondering what I was thinking in terms of my ensembles; it is just so timeless. Throughout the years, this is one mode of dressing that just does not fall out of favor. I love looking at vintage photographs of collegiate style; it is how get my inspiration for my very own Kennedy cosplay.

I am not joking.

I really enjoy masculine inspired looks and one of the strongest staples, in my mind, is the blazer. Tipped, tweed, solid, striped: I love all variations.

I bought the above blazer (last on the blog here and here) last fall and I cannot wait to break it out again next autumn. It goes in and out of stock, probably due to its marked down status. Ten-out-of-ten recommend it, even if you have a taller frame like me; it fits.

clockwise from top left: gray + navy tipped (last on the blog here and here) // navy + white tipped // ecru + repp stripe tipped // navy + gray tipped // navy + green tipped (last on the blog here)

blazer (navy version also here)

left to rightblazer (last on the blog here) // navy stripe (also available here)

left to right: natural stripe (also available here) // bright white stripe

I am a long time Smythe fan and though the prices are steep, I wish it did not take me a near decade to invest in one. This one in particular (last on the blog here) made a home in my closet. Windowpane print and elbow patches made it a necessity.

left to right: herringbone tweed elbow patch // black windowpane tweed elbow patch // gray windowpane tweed elbow patch (last on the blog here) // tartan tweed

left to right: windowpane tweed // houndstooth tweed

left to right: white // red // navy

left to right: white (also available here) // navy (last on the blog here)

Something Cricket This Way Comes

I think anyone who has read Lucindervention for the past year or so knows that I cannot get enough of a good cricket sweater. I love a great rowing blazer as well. Put the two sports together and you get this sporty treat and I am here for it!

It is marked down, albeit no longer in a full size run. Buyer beware, it is final sale so check out the size chart before checking out. 


Windowpane Crush

On a recent unseasonably warm Sunday morning, my husband and I took a walk around Independence Mall. With our days in Philadelphia numbered (I officially, albeit regrettably, put in my two month notice two weeks ago), it has become all the more a priority for us to savor every last minute we have in this city.

Often it is forgotten that Philadelphia was the OG capitol of the United States. Only three centuries ago was this area bustling with brilliant ideas. One of my favorite classes in undergrad, taken during my last semester, was The Early American Republic. (Shoutout Dr. Haley!) I feel lucky – and to be honest I know I take for granted – that I so easily can walk down the street and stand within the vicinity of where so many visionaries who shaped the modern government of the United States several centuries prior.

About the outfit…

The jacket and the skirt do not come in tall, but even though the latter is mini length, it does not feel especially short. I was wearing it high on my waist and it still felt appropriate and comfortable for warm winter daytime. The jacket has a massive pleat in the back that contributes to a swingy silhouette. The cropped length and the cut reminded me of 1960s Britain, especially when paired with a short skirt and ankle boots.

The sweater is cashmere, it was available in tall, and it is everything. While it is available now, it is not longer available in tall. (Sidebar, I got your covered. Peep the tall cashmere here.) Thank sweet baby Jesus, I bought it in three colors back when it was available in my size.


On a serious note, as I am writing this, the Federal government has been shuttered for fifteen days. That is fifteen days too long. It makes me sick. It makes me sick that so many people whom I worked with and learned from while I interned at the National Parks Service circa 2009 are on furlough. It makes me sick that my best friend from elementary school is preparing budgets for our nation’s Navy and in doing so working without pay. All of this was highlighted by the copious signs around Independence Mall, notifying would-be patrons that facilities are closed. Tourists walking on disappointed, from cultural resource to cultural resource.

We are better than this.

America is better than this.

In 2020 we will make the decision to collectively be better than this.

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Tartan Footprint

Tartan is so hot right now. In holiday seasons past, I had to hunt down classic tartan pieces. Not so in 2018. Every brand and it’s sister brand has a variety of tartan pieces and I. AM. HERE FOR IT! The plaid has become so common that brands are making tartan pieces in tall. We are going to have to ice skate to home and back because hell has frozen over. And I am going to look festive AF doing it!

Even if I was not able to locate any articles of clothing that fit my tall frame, which will not be the case this year, there are enough accessory options to satiate my tartan craving. Bucket bag? Check. Bangle? Check. Slippers? Check. Scarf? Check! Don’t even think that I am not not going to try to borrow my husband’s bow tie and style it in my own way.

Sidebar: I was just in the Philadelphia location of Tie Bar today and upon mentioning it to the two gentlemen on staff at the front desk, a third staff member in the back who had overheard my styling idea swung open the door to the front and insisted that I had to give it a whirl.

It will be one hell of a tartan holiday.


First row: dress // button up // bucket bag

Second row: bow tie // bangle (similar) // blazer

Third row: skirt // sleeveless shirt // earmuffs (last seen here, similar)

Fourth row: gloves  // crop pants // dress

Fifth row: tuxedo jacket // skirt // cap toe flats

Sixth row: shirtdress // scarf // cocktail shirt

Seventh row: slippers // romper // jacket

Cape Theory

Do you know what is lovely about wearing a cape? Particularly around the holiday season when diets turn decadent and indulging happens at every holiday party, weight gains happen. Waistlines and shoulder lines pull tighter. Wearing a coat while driving may start to feel uncomfortable.

Until the New Year turns and that pounds roll off, I tend to look at alternate methods of keeping warm. Vests and capes are my go-to outerwear. I particularly love wearing the latter to work because even when I am at my desk, I can still feel like I am cuddling up in a blanket. I have two go-to options: a hunter green cable knit sweater and a denser knit camel with black tipping version. Both are ever so cozy and I never regret building an outfit around either.

I recently found a cape in tartan, my print du December. Two tartan options? Indulge in something else other than food and drink, as this is 30% off for the Friends and Family sale.


Let There Be Stripe

Early last fall, I fell in love with a navy and white stripe tee shirt dress at J.Crew. Unfortunately, the forces that be did not find it necessary to offer the dress in tall sizing. Shocker. Also devastating. The dress was just such a great basic that I found myself wondering why I did not have something like it in my closet already.


Cut to me finding this dress not only in stock, but also in tall at a competing retailer! Strike at the right time and it can be found on promotion too. #chaching

The dress does not call for a ton of extras but the equestrian print scarf looped with a classic pearl necklace is the perfect complement to the stripes. Add in the rest of the pearl set, ballet flats, and cat eye sunglasses and the outfit is perfect.

dress // scarf (old, similarsimilar) // purse (old, similarsimilar) // ballet flats // sunglasses (sold out, alternate colorways) // pearl necklace // pearl bracelet // bow cuff // pearl earrings // banner ring (sold out, similar) // tulip ring // watch