Lake Life

Last weekend the family gathered in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota to say goodbye to a beloved family member. Although it was an especially sad goodbye, I am comforted that there is no more suffering. While I spent many summers and holidays in the lake town, I knew that I would not be returning again. However, I did enjoy sharing my experiences of the town with my husband, as it was new to him. It went a little something like this:

“That’s where the old waterslides were!”

“Our favorite minigolf course is that one!”

“This is the mall with the movie theatre where I saw Armeggedon!”

“I went ice fishing right there!”

“This place has the best pizza and nachos! Pull over!”

Once on the return flight, my husband mentioned that he felt peak family vibes over the weekend. He did spend quite a bit of time shuttling my immediate family and I around Detroit Lakes in a three row SUV. We all had a good laugh when my 6′-4″ tall father struggled as he made his way to the back row. Also when I had to climb from the front passenger seat over to the driver’s side (as to not damage my suede / lucite heels in the snow) and accidentally honked the horn with my butt. The comic relief came at just the right times. Family vibes, indeed.

As I told my sister, we have to allow the experience of losing loved ones underscore the need to make the most of our lives and tell those who are still with us that we love them. I made the most of my last days in Detroit Lakes and a few more memories on the lake thanks to my husband who insisted on a few impromptu photos at the very place where I spent many a summer. 


sweater // skirt // sunglasses // scarf // tights // boots (hiswomen’s version) // watch // bracelet // necklace // earrings // green stone cuff // pearl cuff // black diamond cuff // cocktail ring // his blazer // his pants

Black to Basics

If you have not yet heard of SHPALA, it is time to take note. The brand was founded by a fellow 6′-2″ tall lady, with the intention to expand dress options for others who are vertically gifted. It is a capsule collection of black dresses; one for every occasion that may arise. In theory, one could get by with a closet solely consisting of these dresses.

Over the weekend I took the Cocktail Dress out for a spin. Y’all, it is gorgeous. Even though satin is not a particularly forgiving fabric, I found that the shape (specifically the flattering paneling of the dress) counterbalanced the fabric.

I have the worst memory of walking home from work in DC while wearing a pencil skirt. It was the dead of the summer 2012 and I was in a J.Crew number that I had seen on our then-First Lady. By the time I arrived home, I felt as though my legs were being bound by tight jacket. Chafe City, Population: me. Ever since that evening, I have frequently stuck with dresses (skirts, too) that are a-line, as opposed to a pencil, cut. The bonus is the front pleat on this dress, keeping the a-line style from bordering on too simple.

dress // coat // heels (old, similar) // clutch (old, similar, similar) // sunglasses // key necklace // knot ring // pearl cuff // black diamond cuff // green stone cuff // watch

All I Want for Christmas is Blue

The husband and I attended The Nutcracker ballet last Saturday evening. As we are members of the Pennsylvania Ballet, it was something that we looked forward to all holiday season. I was disappointed that we were unable to get tickets for before Christmas, but as it turned out it allowed us stretch out the holiday just a little longer and that was okay by me.


I wore the same outfit to The Nutcracker that I wore to Christmas Eve dinner. I stand by wearing easy dresses for occasions such as these, and this velvet number was perfect. I love that I do not have to wear any shapewear beneath it, only standard underpants and a pair of opaque tights. While I initially yearned for the emerald green colorway, it was not available in my size and I was in a time crunch for something to wear. (Sidebar: this dress comes in tall.) This ended up being a good thing as the navy / black mix felt more unexpected.

The coat over my shoulders? A vintage Perry Ellis from my husband’s closet. (I linked a similar men’s blazer.) I knew I needed to wear is as it was the perfect outer piece for the black tights and navy dress. It just proves that you can (and SHOULD) break that old rule and mix the two colors.

 dress // coat // tights // heels // / necklace // similar // bracelet // earrings // black diamond cuff // green stone cuff // pearl cuff // quatrefoil ring // clutch (similar)

Tall Ski Pants Marked Down

my last time snowboarding

I found the best fitting ski pants for a tall gal. Much better than the pair I last wore snowboarding (see above). I purchased them when they were full price on a promotion, but found that they were too small. Eight months later they were nearly sold out of a tall size run; however, after some light stalking, they were once again available one size larger than I typically wear. Per the reviews,  this is a common sentiment. Size up, thank me later.


Sit down. Okay, are you sitting? They have a 35″ inseam. They are marked down to $75. Want more info on the pants?