Denim for the Vertically Gifted

  A couple weeks ago, I took a fellow tall blogger's advice and purchased the Frame Forever Karlie white skinny denim. They were marked down and the inseam measured at 35.5 inches. I was instantly sold. Does anyone else remember that point in time, about ten years ago, when you could find a long length [...]

Winter Blues

Winter Blues

Philadelphia was hit with snow last Thursday. Although it was only a minor storm, the snowfall was enough to shut down offices across the region. Cut to two days later on Saturday, when the temperatures returned to the 50s and all reminders of the snowstorm had disappeared.  I have discussed my love for tall-sized outerwear [...]

A Fab Collab: Beyond Yoga x Kate Spade

  My Sunday mornings are for yoga. Sometimes brunch afterwards, but always yoga. Last Sunday, I deviated from my standard wunder under-based ensemble¬†to try out a pair of yoga pants that I purchased over a year ago, yet still had the tags attached. The first Beyond Yoga x Kate Spade collaborative collection was released in [...]