Brights in the City

The fiance took me to New York City for the weekend. While he made the train, hotel, museum, and show tickets, I was in charge of picking out restaurants and making meal reservations. Based on where we were staying (Hilton Fashion District), where we were eating (Empellon, Ardesia, Upland, Milkbar), what we were seeing (Museum of Modern Art), and who we were visiting (a great friend doing standup, and who happened to open for Melissa Villasenor of SNL), we knew our itinerary was going to require us to either Lyft or walk extensively. Our health goals inspired us to walk so we packed and dressed accordingly.


I was thrilled when I saw that the yellow bow top came in tall. I was even more thrilled when it was marked down with an additional 50% off. Put it in the online shopping basket. Done. I am approaching the age of needing to retire my 3″ inseam chino shorts. This year I purchased several pairs of 4″ inseam shorts. There were some great colors released this spring, all with a bit of stretch in them; I definitely prefer them to the static 100% cotton pairs that I have a stack of in my closet. This trip to New York was the azalea pink maiden voyage out of the dressers and into the real world.

The hologram tote (last seen here, here, here, and here) is quite the conversation starter. It got it’s own seat at the comedy club and the hostess actually called it out and complemented me on it during one of her interludes. Any given time that I take it for a spin, it averages two-to-three compliments.

This was the only ensemble from the weekend of which I actually captured full-length photos and only because we arrived at our brunch reservation, which was for the first time slot, several minutes early. Other than happening to arrive early, this weekend was definitely one of those where we were enjoying ourselves too dang much to document an outfit.

Also, on the note of general documentation, can we cease photography at museums? iPhones are the worst thing to happen to MoMA. I observed many people simply taking a photo of the art, maybe a photo of the interpretation plackard, but not even glancing at the art if not through a smartphone camera lens. Let’s change that.

bow top // shorts // tote (similar) // sandals (similar) // black diamond cuff // green stone cuff // pearl and gold cuff // quatrefoil ring // earrings // chain pave bracelet // chain pave bracelet (budget) // sunglasses (alternate colorwayalternate colorwayalternate colorway)

Oh Shift: Four Rounds of Afterparty Sale

The Lilly Pulitzer Afterparty Sale got out of hand. I went through four rounds of shopping. I regret none of it.

If you have not shopped it yet, you have another eleven hours. These are the items I picked up that are still in stock. Shop them while you can!


scallop hem shorts


long sleeved blouse // long sleeved blouse // long sleeved blouse


hoodie dress


laser cut dress 

shift dress // shift dress // shift dress // shift dress


kimono dressKery 48d3e021b99a31e9429f73bece1777be_best

sleeveless blouse


5″ inseam shorts // 5″ inseam shorts

Shop hard, y’all.

Tall Ski Pants Marked Down

my last time snowboarding

I found the best fitting ski pants for a tall gal. Much better than the pair I last wore snowboarding (see above). I purchased them when they were full price on a promotion, but found that they were too small. Eight months later they were nearly sold out of a tall size run; however, after some light stalking, they were once again available one size larger than I typically wear. Per the reviews,  this is a common sentiment. Size up, thank me later.


Sit down. Okay, are you sitting? They have a 35″ inseam. They are marked down to $75. Want more info on the pants?

Holy Hell, ESPRIT is back!


Has any logo felt so iconic?
first season
second season

Guys, do you remember when I re-instagrammed the photo of Drake wearing an ESPRIT sweatsuit? Around the time I briefly touched on how a rude and definitely now townie girl in my geometry class put me down for being rather statuesque and having the confidence to wear a pair of ESPRIT chunky heel loafers?

I don’t take back wearing any of my high school ensembles. Everything I wore felt timeless and very ME. It was my freshman year of high school that my mom brought me to the newly opened McRaes in Biloxi. We shopped the Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger section of the juniors department, but more than either of those premium designers, the ESPRIT section captured my sartorial interest.

ESPRIT served my need for coordinating sets. (I wish I hadn’t give them away in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.) I had a green bias plaid skirt and heathered green v-neck knit top and a khaki, blue, and a color that could only be described as vanilla, bias plaid skirt and fair isle vanilla, khaki, and blue sweater, that I layered over a sleeveless blue knit. During a McRaes semi-annual sale, my mom bought me a “blueberry” plaid wrap skort which I work with a white sleeveless Gap button up and an horizontal striped blue, purple, pink, and white spaghetti strap tank dress. Between the chunky heel loafer and the plastic clear sandals and the black bowler-style handbag and straw purse with pink gingham lining, I had the ESPRIT footwear and accessories to complete any A+ look. Guys, I have to be real when I say that I do not take back any of these outfits. I wore them then and I would wear them now.

Imagine how jazzed I was when I found out that Opening Ceremony teamed with ESPRIT for a collaboration, especially after ESPRIT pulled out of North American operations. My enthusiasm for the brand was only bypassed by a past boss and mentor. Jen, who I worked for from 2002 to 2004 and again 2006 to 2008, studied and graduated with her interior design degree from Mississippi State in the early 90s. Her then-career intention was to design ESPRIT stores. In fact she once shared with me that her dorm room was wallpapered with ESPRIT ads torn from magazines.

The second season of ESPRIT by Opening Ceremony has been marked down. There are still many winning pieces in stock. These are my picks:


I need this set.

shirt // skirt



sweatshirt // sweatpants




Here is hoping for a season three!

Check out Terry’s Two Cents


I am so excited to share that I will be chiming in on Terry’s Two Cents for the current Project Runway season. If you haven’t watched it yet, we are only the designer introduction and first elimination episode in, so catching up is super manageable.


Join me over at Terry’s Two Cents (and while you are there, check out The Style of Terry page) for the upcoming season and share your thoughts with us!

Zest for Calypso St. Barts

It is not a secret that I love Calypso St. Barts. It is pricey, yes. I get over it because they have pretty steep markdowns and nobody makes pieces like they do. What’s more to love? They just released a very packable and very economical collection.

After obsessing and buying a few pieces from Calypso St. Barths, I was thrilled to find their diffusion line. I say diffusion because even though it is offered on their website under their brand, it is at a significantly lesser price point. I immediately purchased a caftan (and at 25% off no less!) to wear during my bachelorette weekend at the beach (!) and subsequent honeymoon. (Not that I know where the latter is; fiance planned it and is keeping it a total and complete secret from me. I only know that I should be brushing up on my espanol. I only took six semesters of it between high school and undergrad.) The fiance told me that the caftan would be perfect for the setting.

Y’all, the line is selling out. I purchase this caftan in pink, but there was only medium and large left. The dark gray counterpart was only available in extra-small and small. There are other items, including matching sarongs and sweet little peoples’ styles available. Shop now and shop hard. This collection is not going to last.

tunic // border print dress // medallion print dress // pant // scarf




Whole30 Lessons: Week 3/4

I am writing this with three days left in my Whole30. Since I last wrote about lessons learned on Whole30, time has flown by and I completely missed writing about it for week three.

Truth be told, I broke one of the rules this morning. I weighed myself. The ten pound weight loss (in 27 days) was very encouraging. I tried on items in my closet that previously did not fit. Being able to button shorts that I couldn’t two weeks ago is more motivating than the weight loss. I like to think that my body has gained muscle mass in lieu of fat, thus keeping some weight on. I worked out at least five times a week; a mix of yoga, barre, bootcamp, and cardio boxing. The lesson here is that I should have adhered to the rules and kept the scale packed away; rather just try on clothes that previously did not fit the way I liked.


With the wedding in about six weeks, the fiance and I agreed to extend our Whole30 to a Whole60. We are on a roll and in a good rhythm, so why not take advantage, amirite?

Whole30 Lessons: Week 2

I cannot believe that I am already fifteen days into Whole30. Last’s week lessons still apply, but I have picked up a few hacks that have made my life easier.

Carrying Epic jerky and Whole30-compliant Luna bars at all time are key. A few days ago, we were out running errands and the fiance was getting hungry, and therefore testy. Because we cannot stop at just any restaurant, Chili’s, P.F. Changs, etc. just was not an option. Luckily I threw a bag of Epic jerky in my bag before we left the apartment. Hunger tamed – for an hour or so, at least.bites_completesetMy favorite food to make is a watermelon tomato gazpacho. About five tomatoes, four cups of cubed watermelon, one chopped yellow pepper, one chopped orange pepper, one chopped red pepper, one chopped cucumber, a half cup of EVOO, and a cup of balsamic vinegar in the blender. Do not blend so much to liquify the mixture. Divide into three tupperwear containers and refrigerate. Thank me once you fall in love with this recipe.


Tori Praver Seafoam Marked Down

Earlier this summer I discovered that Tori Praver has a Target line. Named Seafoam, there are several different colorways and styles. Now that the pieces are marked down, I am more obsessed than ever with scoring some more great swim pieces. Swim is one of the only categories of clothing that being 6′-2″ does not affect pieces fitting me appropriately; therefore, I get more excited about shopping for it.

These are my favorite pieces from the 2017 Tori Praver Seafoam line:


aqua set

top // bottom




printed top // solid bottom // solid top // printed bottom

Sidebar: I stalked the printed pieces of this set until both of the pieces were available. This is what internet browser bookmarks are for, people!


teal set
top // bottom