tall denim

Shopping for tall length denim should not be the arduous task that {most of us} grew up facing every back to school shopping season. Though I loved shopping, I dreaded this task of finding denim that was long enough for my then 5′-11″ size six (the days!) frame. I vividly recall paging through a J.Crew catalogue (before they were referred to as “style guides,” though I don’t think any single retailer should guide anyone in regards to style because good style does not come from a singular source, but I digress) and the longest women’s denim had a 34 inch inseam. By that point, I had reached a 36 inch inseam, so J.Crew simply would not do.

Since then the fashion world has progressed (peak 2011) and digressed when it comes to tall sizing. Brands that previously catered to tall inseams on women’s jeans have decreased them from 36 inches for what should be full length denim in bootcut and flare cuts. Never mind how the ankle length trend has impacted the availability of traditional long length denim.

I don’t know about you but while I can certainly get on board with a cropped denim in the spring and summer and even autumn, I don’t want cold ankles in the winter months. That said, I know most people prefer to wear their skinny denim slightly shorter. I do not like wearing skinny denim at all because #freethecalves. That means I need to find bootcut or flare denim in much longer inseams to avoid the flood look.

This page will serve as a running compilation of jeans available in 34 inch inseams (for skinny cuts only) and longer (for bootcut and flare styles).