Getting Festive With My Bad Self: For Brother-In-Law

For parts one and two and three and four. My brother-in-law is very straight forward when it comes to gift ideas. This year? Cable knit sweater, cable knit blanket, pink oxford, workout gear. I tend to color in the lines when it comes to his gifts, although he does give me carte blanche with the most details like colors. Unless it [...]

Getting Festive With My Bad Self: For the Little Sister

My little sister is one of my favorite people to give gifts. She is awesome at pinpointing exactly what she wants, while still delighting in a surprise. Cut to the year she had no idea that there was a Marc by Marc Jacobs hobo bag coming her way. She cried tears. And years later, it [...]

Sweater Weather

Want to know my favorite item of tall clothing? I am certain that you could tell by the post title and the above images that the answer to that would be sweaters. Even brands that have tall lines seldom include a tall sweater assortment. (This is me giving the side eye to J.Crew. To only [...]

Four Degrees From Kevin Bacon

Four Degrees From Kevin Bacon

I studied historic preservation and architectural history in graduate school. One of the classes that made a huge impact on me was a 500 level Urban Design seminar. And this is when I hit y'all with some next level seven four degrees of separation. The gentleman who taught the Urban Design seminar, Karl DuPuy, was a [...]