Open Shoulder Shirt & Best Cutoffs Ever

With the changing weather, I have been conflicted when selecting outfits. Can I wear white if the leaves are still green? Can I wear summer fabrics if the daily temperature is projected to hit 90 degrees? I used to be vigilant when I comes to following these rules, but lately I just want to wear what makes me comfortable and happy.

I ordered this open shoulder shirt last year because I like the color, the cutout shoulder trend, and it looked like an ideal transitional weather item. I wore it for the first time, with a pair of denim cutoffs and metallic sandals, to dinner at Buddakan a few weeks ago. It was ideal for the night: walking to dinner through upper 70 degrees and dining in a restaurant ten degrees chillier.

If I could go back, would I buy this shirt knowing how it wears? Despite the fact that it was a great layer in terms of fabric for this summer / fall weather purgatory, probably not. As shown in the photos, it wrinkled almost as soon as I slipped it on. It requires a racer-back bra, as the cutaway sleeves would expose standard style bra straps. The sleeves were shorter than I would have liked. It was a bit boxy throughout the body. But maybe you have shorter arms and maybe you like roomier pieces. If so, this is your shirt.

Let us discuss the shorts –

While I am having buyer’s remorse on the shirt, I am obsessed with the shorts. I have worn them for three weekends straight and plan on breaking them out again in a few weeks for vacation at Hilton Head. After the first day of wear, I even bought them in the darker wash. My favorite part was that I did not feel overexposed in them. So many denim cutoffs border on inappropriate. These 7 For All Mankind denim shorts weren’t obscenely short, which let’s face it, is only underscored when you top six feet in height. Amirite ladies?

blouse // denim shorts (similar) // rose gold cuff // ring // cable cuff with gold and pearls // bucket bag // sandal

Summer Tweed

Last week I discussed my stance on wearing last year’s  / past year’s clothes this season. My conditions were that the garment must fit my aesthetic and / or must feel like it is relevant this season. This dress is a perfect example of the latter. 

black and white tweedJack Rogers goes to the darksideso much attitude. so much face.park exitJ.Crew essentially recycled one of its black and white tweed fabrics from last summer’s dual tweed black and white dress for this year’s navy and white tweed dress. I love either version, especially when one finds herself in a summertime destination that offers a cooler climate, allowing for a heavier fabric.

I love outfits that allow the wearer to pile on copious accessories. In this case, the freshwater pearl necklace with a black ribbon tie (can be worn as a single strand or doubled up), RayBan Wayfarers, and orange-red Nars lip crayon. The dress shape reminds me of a tennis dress so rather than wear a headband and look country club costume-y, I went for a headscarf and tied it around my head, Rambo-style.

sunglasses // sandal // necklace // dress (similar)

Last Year’s Cut-out Dress

Let it be known that I will wear something not from “this season” in a second in the case that it fits my style and I love it. This is rooted in that my aesthetic is very traditional. I do not want my future children to look at old photographs and critique what their mom is wearing; more so, I don’t want to look at old photographs and wonder what I was thinking. Some of my favorite clothing items are those presently hanging up in my closet that I had the foresight to purchase during high school or even from a thrift store.

J.Crew Factory jewelry findsstaying in the shadowcut out backbucket bag

J.Crew is great for achieving a classic look that I can feel confident will likely not look dated in one year or five years or ten years. I favor the J.Crew chambray dress in the post because not only does it have an A-line cut, but it has a back cut-out which remains on-trend, sets it apart, and allows for any standard bra. While last year’s version was available in a tall length, J.Crew Factory re-released a version; unfortunately like all J.Crew Factory, it is only available in their standard length. (J.Crew Factory also caught on to how popular the full size leather bucket bag was, and re-released it. J.Crew still has the mini-version in print and solids.)

Going forward with this blog, I will shamelessly wear items from any time between last year or twenty years ago, save for they are either part of my classic aesthetic and / or relevant to today’s trends. In the age of fast and disposable fashion, there is something to be said about being about to incorporate an item into your wardrobe for the long term, which speaks to the quality of the garment and the ability of the brand to release a design that stands up against the test of time. Despite how much I splurged on a Banana Republic lightweight wool dress – which at the time seemed excessive for a seventeen year old – the price per wear fourteen years later is minimal and makes the purchase a steal.

sunglasses // sandals // cable cuff with gold and pearls // bucket bag

Floral Dress at El Vez

Like many women who came of age during the Sex and the City era, I draw inspiration from the outfits that Carrie and the girls wore. Certain selections from the late 90s / early 2000s wardrobes seems so timeless. While few of the get-ups trigger “What was Pat (Field, the legendary costume designer) thinking?”, I romanticize Calvin Klein minimalism, oversized flower pins, and everything that Charlotte wore.

This post is not about Charlotte, however; this post is about that primary colored Marimekko sundress Carrie wore in Ring A Ding Ding. I won’t get into plot points here, save for that Carrie found herself in a financial cul-de-sac and was rejected for a home loan while wearing dress in the above photo.

jay walkingmatching the columnarm partylook both ways

J.Crew released this dress (and the sister skirt) earlier this summer and despite the negative circumstance Carrie found herself in when she was in the designer doppelganger version, I had to have the J.Crew iteration. Rather than wearing it to request a home loan like Carrie, I wore it to El Vez to consume some guacamole and blood orange margaritas – much better circumstances indeed.

dress // heel // clutch // ring // cable cuff with gold and pearls // link bracelet // earrings // skirt

Last Call for Summer Whites

I used to have issues finding dresses long enough for my torso. The standard torso measurements on regular length dresses effectively made the skirt length too short to wear in casual settings, let alone in a professional capacity. Let alone the fact htat the designed waistline inched towards my bustline. Sometime around 2012, J.Crew changed the game and began offering the tall option for dresses. My only complaint is that they do not offer the length in enough of the style selections.


white dresswhite dress in profileiridescent tote

Prince Charming buckles a Birkenstock
Sometimes Prince Charming will fix your shoe when you didn’t know it even needed adjusting.

I was attracted to the flutter sleeve dress in Eyelet because it reminded me of a 90’s era silhouette. The dress was born to be matched with a pair of grunge-era Birkenstock Arizona sandals, updated with glitter finish, and an iridescent shopper-style bag, which reminded me of something I saw Jessica Biel wearing in a Seventeen magazine spread back in 1997. Despite the 90’s references, the look does not feel costume-y.

Despite growing up in the deep south where etiquette rules are followed to a T, I do not believe wearing white should be restricted from Memorial Day to Labor Day. This rule is beyond counterintuitive as deep south climate is conducive to wearing white and summer fabrics as long as possible, as Mother Nature brings high temperatures and high humidity from Easter until Columbus Day. If you follow this rule however, the flutter sleeve dress in eyelet comes in an ikat print and a rich red option, the latter of which looks particularly seasonable for autumn while maintaining an air-y layer perfect for a humid September and October. (Both options are on deep markdown, and they are typically offered with an additional percentage off of clearance.)

dress // sandals // sunglasses // rose gold cuff // ring // cable cuff with gold and pearls