A Fab Collab: Hunter x Target

I was just talking to my husband about buying a pair of low cut Hunter rain boots. (My calves have just gotten especially thick lately, okay? Lay off.) I want a pair of dark green to wear with black leggings and a black raincoat in lieu of a pair of sneakers I am okay with trashing. RIP Tory Burch skater sneakers; they had a great run!

Back to the Hunter boots. While the Hunter x Target collaboration (available on April 14) does not offer a pair comparable to what I have been coveting, the collaboration offers a ton of new product that I did not know I needed. These are my picks:


rugby // I am really into rugby shirts these days. I would buy this for my husband and “borrow” it.


boot // A steal at $40; I definitely paid over one hundred for similar, albeit purple, pair.


dress // Interesting that this collaboration does not outwardly have any Target branding.

stripe set.jpg

jacket // shorts // Both pieces are available in plus size.

navy outfit

sweater // skirt // I love that this does not have any branding on it and it is size inclusive.

toddler boot.jpg

baby boot // Adorable rainy day footwear for every one of my toddler nieces and nephews! 

hammock // sun shade

Man Approved Lilly x Pottery Barn Decor?

Should I still be a single lady living in my own lady-pad in the city, I would have already purchased all of the desired Lilly Pulitzer x Pottery Barn collaboration. Same if my husband and I were expecting a daughter. Alas I am in the space in between. Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining. Living with my husband is the best and I think we both love being selfish and spoiling each other.

Is there such thing as man-approved Lilly P decor? Okay, to be honest, I did not ask him. He heard about my Lilly Pulitzer x Target experience and saw my haul – including the stuff I snagged for his/our sweet little nieces – and I did not want to panic the guy. I do know the following would be approved for the house:

clockwise from top leftfurniture // glassware // planters // sheet set // shams and bedspread

Here is hoping (something tells me he will approve): swaddling blankets

Why am I so obsessed with classics?

I can never turn down a classic. I was smart enough in the early aughts to adopt a very traditional wardrobe and thanks to the longevity of these styles, I have much of the same wardrobe hanging up in my closet today. Not to say that I don’t cringe at select photos of myself in select outfits and a suspect tanning bed shade, but I think I came out on the other side relatively unscathed.

It should be no surprise that I am obsessed with these re-released classics. And now I am on a one-woman campaign to get these styles released in tall. Who is joining me?


rain coat // sweater (striped version) // rugby shirt // rugby dress

Because I am always on the lookout for stuff for my man – potential heritage items that we can hand down to the future littles – I am on board for the following pieces por homme. And when I buy them for him and after he takes them out for a maiden voyage, I will be borrowing. One of the linchpins of the traditional style, at least in for the female’s closet, is a tomboyish quality.


anorak // jacket

A Factory Find

As Gap is ushering in a tall Factory line, unfortunately J.Crew Factory is ushering theirs out. The online factory store formerly offered quite the selection of tall pencil skirts, alas that is no longer the case. For a few months, the tall selection completely disappeared! Tragic.

This skirt reappeared, as did the Tall category on the website, albeit in a small selection of sizes. Act now.

dublin green.jpg


198.8 lbs. Remaining Accountable

2018 has not been great for fitness. More like fatness.

Last month, I did not follow through with my fitness goals. I took one Bikram yoga class and made it a mere fifteen minutes in the 105 degree, 40 percent humidity studio. I think I could have made it the full 180 minutes, had sweat not gotten into my eyes and messed with my contact lenses. I allowed my experience to scare me away from it, unfortunately. Resolution: give Bikram yoga another try this weekend. Wear sweatbands.

On the other hand, I committed to sticking to the Whole30 guidelines for breakfast and lunch. I stuck to it! I was loving what I put together for those meals – frittatas and tuna salad with equal amount of greens – so it did not feel like deprivation. Now that I am another month in, I do want to switch up my food choices.

In 2014, I lost fifteen pounds. I accomplished this by using the elliptical an hour a day and counting calories. Unfortunately my situation then was much different than my situation now, so it will be difficult to duplicate. Then, I was living in DC, little less than two miles from my office. I took advantage of the spatial circumstances and walked to work every morning and walked home every evening. My health club was at the midpoint between my office and my apartment. Rather than walk straight home at 5 pm, I stopped at the health club. One hour on the elliptical and I walked home. I added in running the Georgetown waterfront every morning. It is difficult to hate yourself and hate running while having such a fantastic environment.

I had such fantastic discipline then! I counted calories. On any given day, I would have a vegetable scramble (one egg) and soy iced toffee nut latte (breakfast), salad or Starbucks yogurt parfait (lunch), Greek yogurt or apple or banana (snack), and smooothie (dinner). Also, I could drink all of the black coffee that my heart desired.

I am going to try to recreate 2014. It has worked with me once, so I will try it again. Counting calories, elliptical and catching up on reading, and giving Bikram yoga another shot.


Lake Life

Last weekend the family gathered in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota to say goodbye to a beloved family member. Although it was an especially sad goodbye, I am comforted that there is no more suffering. While I spent many summers and holidays in the lake town, I knew that I would not be returning again. However, I did enjoy sharing my experiences of the town with my husband, as it was new to him. It went a little something like this:

“That’s where the old waterslides were!”

“Our favorite minigolf course is that one!”

“This is the mall with the movie theatre where I saw Armeggedon!”

“I went ice fishing right there!”

“This place has the best pizza and nachos! Pull over!”

Once on the return flight, my husband mentioned that he felt peak family vibes over the weekend. He did spend quite a bit of time shuttling my immediate family and I around Detroit Lakes in a three row SUV. We all had a good laugh when my 6′-4″ tall father struggled as he made his way to the back row. Also when I had to climb from the front passenger seat over to the driver’s side (as to not damage my suede / lucite heels in the snow) and accidentally honked the horn with my butt. The comic relief came at just the right times. Family vibes, indeed.

As I told my sister, we have to allow the experience of losing loved ones underscore the need to make the most of our lives and tell those who are still with us that we love them. I made the most of my last days in Detroit Lakes and a few more memories on the lake thanks to my husband who insisted on a few impromptu photos at the very place where I spent many a summer. 


sweater // skirt // sunglasses // scarf // tights // boots (hiswomen’s version) // watch // bracelet // necklace // earrings // green stone cuff // pearl cuff // black diamond cuff // cocktail ring // his blazer // his pants

Good Charlotte

Charlotte York Goldenblatt is my style icon. But for her ill-advised marriage to Trey MacDougal, she would have been my life icon as well. She mentioned working at her present gallery for ten years in “The Cheating Curve,” which indicates that she had the dream job of a gallery director by her mid-twenties. I don’t know anyone who would give up that career.

Nevertheless, I can still look up to her style. When I saw the Long Tall Sally spring line, it immediately gave me York-vibes. In fact there is a certain dress that I was sure Charlotte wore circa 2000. 


Spring Dreaming

I have to share that I have been sleeping on Equipment. I was originally introduced to the chic brand through Necessary and Proper. The lady of the DC-based duo, Lauren, frequently extolled the label and since I think she has excellent taste, I took her style advice.

I found an Equipment shirt that is perfection on a tall frame. Expensive? Yes, but the shirt is 100% silk and a nice departure from the polyester which brands seem to be using ad nauseum. Keep an eye out of the website because select colors do get marked down and steeply so.


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Oxford Blues

I have nearly every color variation of oxford shirt in my closet. It is an obsession.

White? Check.

Pink and white stripe? Check.

Blue? Check.

Pink? Check.

Blue and white stripe? Check.

Oxfords never go out of style. It is a closet staple and all one has to do is find the perfect fit. It took me years of buying the Polo slim fit to finally discover that Gap, Banana Republic, and J.Crew offer oxfords in tall sizing. With Gap Factory releasing tall sizing, I found some economically effective oxford shirts in the women’s department. #andtheangelssang



oxford shirt

I am Sam

I remember my first brush with Kate Spade. I read about the brand in Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, Vanity Fair. They were such aspirational publications and I could never possibly be as chic as the women for which those magazines were intended. Later on there was Lucky magazine, which seemed so much more relatable that the trinity. R.I.P. Lucky Magazine.

I cannot remember whether I read about the brand first or whether the chorus for my high school went on their school trip to NYC first. You see, these girls discovered the Canal Street Kate Spade knockoff and brought them back to Long Beach High School en masse. None of these gals were investing in the real thing, of that I am certain and of that I am certain that everyone in school was certain. After that brush with the faux Sams, I knew I wanted one of these bags, but the real thing.

Later on during a viewing of SATC, Charlotte York mentioned that she didn’t bring any tampons with her on a night out because they did not fit into her Kate Spade purse. If Kate Spade is good enough for Charlotte York, then Kate Spade is good enough for me, as long as I buy a size in which I could store my feminine supplies.

I am amped that Kate Spade reissued the Sam. I just had the browser open to the Sam shop and my husband wanted to take a look for future gift ideas. Even he can recognize a classic! 

classic (available in black, pink, stripe)


quilted (available in black and gray)




leather (available in black, pink, off white, blue)

Shopping Moratorium 2018 | 60/365

How has Shopping Moratorium 2018 been going? So glad you asked!

I have effectively broken the moratorium, but I have been so much more thoughtful about my purchases. I have found myself asking a series of questions when I get tempted to swipe my card:

  • Is this piece a classic?
  • What is the fabric content? Subquestion: Is it polyester? Substatement: Just say no to polyester.
  • Will this go on markdown later?
  • Would it be a good idea to order it in a variety of sizes now to determine my size, so when it goes on final sale, I will know what size to order?
  • How will I wear it? Are there a ton of options already in my closet?

So what have I purchased (and not returned):



velvet skirt

skirt (in lavender and navy blue)

velvet tank

tank (in ochre and blue)


Seersucker Ruffle-Neck Dress