Neon Stripes

This romper was initially released back in 2016. Tragically, I missed out on my size. The remaining sizes sold out shortly thereafter. I stalked it across several different retailers, but to no avail. A popular romper, to say the least! I found and bought the 2018 version this morning, the second I saw it was [...]

Cacti Are So Hot Right Now!

Last summer, it was all about the pineapple. It was literally the fruit du jour, but for like, sixty ... jours. All pineapple everything and although the trend has cooled down, I think it is still going strong. I still have, love, and wear my earring and necklace set and am considering purchasing a sterling [...]

Counting Sheep

I am so into pajamas right now. I recently purchased a few particularly classic sets - one complete with my monogram - and I just love them. Because it is very difficult to find pajama pants in an appropriate length (36" or longer, s'il vous plaît) and I just do not like the way cropped [...]

Tie in the Sky

I flipped out when I saw this dress. We all saw the iteration of it in navy last fall, albeit in a lightweight wool fabric. The autumn prior came a sleeveless, asymmetrical version which, to be honest, I prefer against its contemporary versions. The updated spring color is what made me drool for the just [...]

The Generation Wrap

When I was in high school, wrap skirts made up a good portion of my summer clothes. Keep in mind that I grew up on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, so it was summer from March until October. I have the distinct memory of wearing my Rainbow flip flops on February of my senior year. You [...]

Flank Steak Sandwich with Marinated Veggies // @2souschefs

"The phrase 'necessity is the mother of all invention’ never rang more true than thinking about weekday dinners. This dish was created from the necessity for a quick and healthy mid-week meal that would dirty minimal dishes and use what leftover produce we had in the fridge. Half a red onion here, some cilantro there, [...]

Pouch Potato

Two years ago, my sister and I were shopping at my local J.Crew, where we discovered an insane (in a good way) tote bag and clutch. Both were made of a fantastic pink / lavender hologram fabric. So said my sister that they burnt her eyes just looking at it. Conversely, I was in love [...]

Poplin Skies

What do I love? A shirt that comes in a long length. Only those who are in the six foot club (or just have a particularly long torso), will understand the struggle we all had prior to the go-to, affordable brands (J.Crew, Banana Republic, Asos, Gap, Ann Taylor, Loft) expanding their tall offerings not only [...]