Moratorium | 153/212

I tried to ride the success of my April moratorium into May. I was not nearly as successful, but it was not as much of a fail as my February and March efforts. Per usual, most of my purchases were made during promotions or with coupons. The ones that were not, are gifts, because Mother’s Day and birthdays. 

gray set (also available here) // pink set (also available here) // white top and short (set also available here)

I have really been into pajamas this month. I probably would not have purchased the three sets had they not been on markdown with an additional fifty percent off. On top of that? The top left set is monogrammable. Naturally, I got my set monogrammed with a canary yellow thread. Perfection.


rugby skirt

Despite liking it out of the parcel, this skirt did not fit. I should have read the reviews. Not only does this skirt run small but it is also high waisted. I should have gone up at least two sizes. Returned.

rugby dress // tee shirt dress // maxi dress // solid shirtdress // striped shirtdress // striped ruched shirtdress

While I cannot resist a rugby stripe, and the dress version of the rugby shirt is the rugby garment I did not know I needed, it was not available in tall. Sometimes you just have to take the chance, especially when it is not a final sale. I was going back and forth between the navy / white colorway and the khaki / black colorway, teetering towards the former. What sold me on the khaki / black is the contrast of the white chino fabric placket and collar. All of my deliberation was for nothing, because while the colors were exactly what I was hoping for, the dress sizing was just not for the tall gal. Returned.

I already have a similar dress to the long sleeve tee shirt dress, albeit navy with white stripes, boatneck, and 3/4-length sleeves. I wear it all the damn time. Every time this particular dress is restocked, it immediately sells out, at least in the tall sizes. I finally scored one at twenty percent off, but due to it running small, had to return. Also strange? It has a zip back closure (not shown in the product photos), which is not exactly the ease that I look for in a tee shirt dress. Returned.

I obsessed about the yellow maxi dress here. It came in tall and it was 40% off. Justified purchase, right? Well, not exactly. The fabric is a touch too sheer for me, albeit the bust is lined. It also just seems like a lot of fabric, a lot of dress; I am sure this is magnified as it is longer in length than the standard size. Returned.

Can you imagine Charlotte York wearing both the pink and blue and white striped shirtdresses? They come in tall (petite too!) and I visited the website everyday them until I found them on a forty percent off promotion. The striped version took a bit of obsessive stalking as it almost immediately sold out of my size. The time came that the medium tall was restocked and I pounced on it! Too much of a classic to pass up.

I am really into shirtdresses now. I love that with a blazer and a pair of heels, a shirtdress is perfect for an air conditioned conference room. The ruching on this style is my favorite part, as it camouflages my midsection. The horizontal stripes add something different to the style. I once read in a Vogue article that you should consider wearing what you wore when you were younger. This dress looks like something I would have saved up my money from working at my weekend (I was not allowed to have an after school job in high school) job and ran to the mall to purchase.


I have wanted these sunglasses ever since Krewe released the style last year. Two weeks ago, Krewe had a private sale. These happen but twice or thrice a year. Fact: Beyonce has been spotted in this style in a different colorway. I also saw photos of her in this style. If they are good enough for ‘yonce… 

UVA cap // Terps cap

University of Virginia cap for a friend. Terp cap for myself. In John Mayer’s song No Such Thing from his Room for Squares album, he name checks faded white hats in what I believe in an homage to this college staple. They are my favorite to wear during the summer – around town, in the pool, on a run, wherever.bracelet.jpg


I got a fifteen dollar off coupon from eBay. (More like eBae.) One search for Lilly Pulitzer jewelry – I rarely purchase costume jewelry at full price – and this bracelet was purchased.

lipstick // lip liner

I know at the beginning of the moratorium, I said that I would lay off the beauty products, but I needed a night treatment and I wanted pink lipstick and lip liner for the summer. The latter has been on my mind for awhile; it was not an impulse purchase.


pool float

Mother’s Day came and went. There is nothing that my mom enjoys more during the summer than relaxing in the pool. I sent this float to my parents’ house. I think it will go perfectly with the floating cooler I gifted my dad years ago.


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