Pink and Be Merry

I fell in love with Tucker back in the summer of 2008. I distinctly recall unpacking and steaming several shipping boxes full of the Classic Blouse while working for the Georgetown Cusp. While the Classic Blouse is cut wide and cropped, it is still an appropriate length for a 6′-2″ frame. The prints, along with the signature shapes, are what the label is known for and added pizzazz to my 2008-to-2012 closet.

One Target collaboration and a studio fire later, and the founder closed down shop. It was a sad day for me to find that out.

Cut to several years and an article in WWD later when I read out that Tucker relaunched. Rejoice! #andtheangelssang

I bought this dress on deep markdown post-Christmas, but to be honest even if it was not on clearance, it would have been worth the MSRP. Unfortunately it looks like the Classic Maxi dresses are cleared out of the online store, but they are worth keeping an eye out for! I regret not procuring one sooner but am making up for lost time.

dress (old) // bag (alternate colorway) // slip (old, similar) // boots (℅ Long Tall Sally) // sunglasses (alternate colorway, alternate colorway, alternate colorway) // watch // rose gold cuff // bow cuff // pink stone ring // quatrefoil ring

Hungry Like the Wolfstooth

Do you want to know what is better than houndstooth? Wolfstooth. It is the hotter, younger sister of the traditional tweed. I should state for the record that I have no hate for houndstooth. Wolfstooth merely turns up in collections less frequently, which is why when it does, I jump on the chance to add it to my closet. Amongst the many times I wore it were my engagement photos and when I registered for my wedding. I frequently spot it out in the wild in applications other than clothing.


IMG_1523Hungry Like the WolfstoothIMG_1521IMG_1519IMG_1517IMG_1513

Back in 2008, Marc Jacobs released a line chock full of designs in “squiggle” wolfstooth for his Marc by Marc Jacobs label (R.I.P.). I was working at the Cusp in Georgetown during the summer between undergrad and grad school and I died when I unboxed the shipment containing the graphic designs. Later than fall, two pieces from this collection and another wolfstooth piece from L.A.M.B. wound up on Blair Waldorf. Eric Daman is a genius. I said it. I meant it. I am not taking it back.


Credit: The CW

I uncovered this navy / black wolfstooth dress from the Marc by Marc Jacobs line NWT on eBay. When I find pieces that I am obsessed with years down the road and at a competitive price…it is more like eBae, amirite? I love mixing navy and black. This shape from the collection, at least, is the most appropriate to integrate into the every day. The banded bottom reminds me of a subtle bubble hem, which I understand is coming back in style. The middle of the dress has a bit of volume. Awesome for hiding any winter weight.

dress (old) // coat (his, old, similar) // scarf (old, similar) // tights // ballet flats (old, similarsimilar) // earrings // sunglasses // watch // handbag (old, similar) // gloves (old)

New Year, New Blue

Long before J.Crew started releasing coats and skirts in tall, the company designed a series of tweed suits. Every season as far back as 2012, even in the summers, the company had at least one amazing tweed set. This blue set was the second one that I had to add to my closet, regardless of the fact that it was not available in tall.


The details on this blue set are fantastic. Both pieces are trimmed in black grosgrain ribbon and rather than buttons or snaps down the placket, the jacket can be fastened with hook and eyes. The skirt has side vents, albeit minimal.

The skirt is mini length, which can get dicey when worn by someone over 6′-0″ like myself. A shorter length skirt calls for a pair of flats. To wear a pair of heels with a mini would be inappropriate, especially for daytime. Conversely, I never wear flats with a midi length skirt. Hashtag proportions.

tweed suit (old, J.Crew) // sweater (similar) // pearl necklace // pearl bracelet // pearl earrings // quatrefoil ring // green stone cuff // pearl cuff // black diamond cuff // tights // shoes (old, similarsimilar) // sunglasses // watch // handbag

Going to the Dogs

My nephew Odie has been in my life since 2010. The Jack Russell / beagle mix was the missing member of my sister and brother-in-law’s family and once they met him at the shelter, he was instantly part of their household.

Back in 2012, while I was living in DC, my sister and her family visited and I spent the day with them. We took the dog around the National Mall. I mean everywhere: Lincoln, Washington, TJ, WWII, Korean, Vietnam. Frequently, I would take the leash so my sister and BIL could get a closer view of the monuments without worrying about tripping anyone with a hyperactive dog. Odie was quite the crowd pleaser wherever we roamed.

This past year for Christmas, I gifted Odie a sweet little denim vest with a sherpa lining. My sister was absolutely tickled by the gift. Though it has taken Odie a few weeks to get used to his new garment, he now loves sporting it, especially now that the temperatures have dipped. As far as the sizing goes, he is a small-to-medium dog and wearing the medium / large.

dog vest

WELL: Week 1

One of my goals for 2018 is to pass the WELL AP exam. The WELL certification system is similar to the LEED certification system; however rather than rating a building in terms of environmental measures, it regards human health measures. I would say that in the next three years, WELL will be as major as LEED. The rating systems are quite symbiotic, so if a building gets credits for one system, likely it will receive credit for the other.

Buildings may be certified in these systems. People may be accredited in these systems. I passed my LEED AP BD+C and ND exams in 2014 and 2015. 2018 is the year I get my WELL AP accreditation. In preparation, I have split up the information. I have based my study schedule upon the seven Concepts (further broken down into 102 Features) of the system. I will focus on the Features within each concept for one week. The Concepts are:

  • Water
  • Nourishment
  • Fitness
  • Mind
  • Comfort
  • Light
  • Air

I was able to list that without referencing a handbook. Sometimes, it is the little victories.


shirt (vintage) // pajama pants (alternate colorway) // notebook // pencil jar // pencils // pens // zipper pouch // sticky note set // candle // dry erase markers

This past week I studied Water. The Features within Water are the following:

30. Fundamental Water Quality

    • Water intended for human consumption must meet the following:
      • Part 1: Turbidity must be less than 0.3 NTUs.
      • Part 2: Zero amount of coliforms (including e. coli)

31. Inorganic Contaminants

  • Filters
    • reverse osmosis (RO) systems
    • kinetic degredation fluxion (KDF) filters
  • Part 1: Water intended for human consumption must not exceed the following limits for each of the following dissolved metals:
    • Copper —> 1.0 mg/L
    • Nickel —> 0.012 mg/L
    • Lead —> 0.01 mg/L
    • Arsenic —> 0.01 mg/L
    • Antimony —> 0.006 mg/L
    • Mercury —> 0.002 mg/L

32. Organic Contaminants

  • Activated carbon filters
  • Part 1: Water intended for human consumption must not exceed the following limits for each of the following dissolved metals:
    • Xylenes —> 0.5 mg/L
    • Ethylbenzene —> 0.3 mg/L
    • Toluene —> 0.15 mg/L
    • Benzene  —> 0.001 mg/L
    • Vinyl chloride —> 0.002 mg/L
    • Tetracholorethylene —> 0.005 mg/L
    • Polychlorinated biphenyls —> 0.0005 mg/L
    • Styrene —> 0.0005 mg/L

33. Agricultural Contaminants

  • Part 1: Herbicides and Pesticides // Water intended for human consumption must not exceed the following limits:
    • 2.4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic acid  —> 0.07 mg/L
    • Glyphosate —> 0.70 mg/L
    • Simazine  —> 0.002 mg/L
    • Atrazine —> 0.001 mg/L
  • Part 2: Fertilizers // Water intended for human consumption must not exceed the following limits:
    • Nitrates  —> 10 mg/L

34. Public Water Additives

  • Part 1: Disinfectants // Water intended for human consumption must not exceed the following limits:
    • Residual chlorine  —> 0.6 mg/L
    • Residual chloramine  —> 4.0 mg/L
  • Part 2: Disinfectant Byproducts // Water intended for human consumption must not exceed the following limits:
    • Total trihalomethanes  —> 0.08 mg/L
    • Total haloacetic acids  —> 0.06 mg/L
  • Part 2: Fluoride// Water intended for human consumption must not exceed the following limits:
    • Fluoride  —> 4.0 mg/L

35. Periodic Water Quality Testing

  • Part 1: Quarterly Testing // Water intended for human consumption is tested quarterly for the presence of dissolved metals / metalloids.
    • Lead
    • Arsenic
    • Mercury
    • Copper
  • Part 2: Water Data Record Keeping and Response // Written policy including the following:
    • Detailed enforcement strates for monitoring / recording water quality parameters listed in teh WELL Building Standard
    • Records are kept from a minimum of three years, including data from field inspections and lab results
    • Action / remediation plans for any unacceptable results

36. Water Treatment

  • Part 1: Organic Chemical Removal // Water intended for human consumption and showers/baths is treated with the following:
    • Activated carbon filter
  • Part 2: Sediment Filter // Water intended for human consumption and showers/baths is treated with the following:
    • Filter rated to remove suspended solids with pore size of 1.5 micrometer (μm) or less
  • Part 3: Microbial Elimination // Water intended for human consumption and showers/baths is treated with the following:
    • UVGI water sanitation
    • Filter Rated by the NSF to remove microbial cysts
  • Part 4: Water Quality Maintenance // To verify that the selected filtration / samiltation system chosen continues to operate as designed, projects must annually provide the IWBI with:
    • Record keeping for 3 years, including evidence that the filter and/or sanitizer has been properly maintained as per the manufacturer’s recommendation
  • Part 5: Legionella Control // A point-by-point narrative describing how the building addressed Legionella, and includes the following:
    • Team for legionella management in the building
    • Water system inventory and production of process flow diagrams
    • Hazard analysis of water asserts
    • Identification of critical control points
    • Maintenance and control measures, monitoring, establishment of performance limits and corrective actions

37. Drinking Water Promotion

  1. Part 1: Drinking Water Taste Properties // Water intended for human consumption must not exceed the following limits:
    • Total Dissolved Solids —> 500 mg/L
    • Sodium —> 270 mg/L
    • Sulfate —> 250 mg/L
    • Chloride —> 250 mg/L
    • Zinc —> 5 mg/L
    • Iron —> 0.3 mg/L
    • Aluminum —> 0.2 mg/L
    • Manganese —> 0.05 mg/L
  2. Part 2: Drinking Water Access // To encourage consumption, the following is met:
    • At least one dispense is located within 30 meters / 100 feet of all parts of regularly occupied floor space
    • Minimum one dispenser per floor
  3. Part 3: Water Dispenser Maintenance // Components of dispensers that provide water for human consumption are cleaned with at least the following regularity:
    • Daily, for mouthpieces, protective guards, and collective basins to prevent lime and calcium build-up
    • Quarterly, for outlet screens and aerators, to remove debris and sediment

Saying Goodbye: Calypso St. Barth

Calypso St. Barth is one of my favorite places to shop. It reminds me of a boho version of Lilly Pulitzer (also love) – just a little more subtle when it comes to brand identifiers and I like that nondescript-ness. I tend to do my Calypso shopping online these days, as the brick and mortar locations are selectively sited.

At the end of December, news broke that Calypso was shuttering. While marked down items have been offered with an additional 50% off as far back as the fall, the promotion still stands. In the past, I have scored marked down items with an additional 60% off, so I can see the prices going lower.

There are the marked down items I have my eyes on:

clockwise from top left: embroidered stripe dress // embroidered stripe tee // embroidered white dress // printed tunic // silk printed top // striped woven dress // silk caftan // printed patchwork dress

Black to Basics

If you have not yet heard of SHPALA, it is time to take note. The brand was founded by a fellow 6′-2″ tall lady, with the intention to expand dress options for others who are vertically gifted. It is a capsule collection of black dresses; one for every occasion that may arise. In theory, one could get by with a closet solely consisting of these dresses.

Over the weekend I took the Cocktail Dress out for a spin. Y’all, it is gorgeous. Even though satin is not a particularly forgiving fabric, I found that the shape (specifically the flattering paneling of the dress) counterbalanced the fabric.

I have the worst memory of walking home from work in DC while wearing a pencil skirt. It was the dead of the summer 2012 and I was in a J.Crew number that I had seen on our then-First Lady. By the time I arrived home, I felt as though my legs were being bound by tight jacket. Chafe City, Population: me. Ever since that evening, I have frequently stuck with dresses (skirts, too) that are a-line, as opposed to a pencil, cut. The bonus is the front pleat on this dress, keeping the a-line style from bordering on too simple.

dress // coat // heels (old, similar) // clutch (old, similar, similar) // sunglasses // key necklace // knot ring // pearl cuff // black diamond cuff // green stone cuff // watch

Guac Out

I know this is old hat but I am obsessed with the Lilly Pulitzer guacamole print. I knew it would not be a part of the January 2018 After Party Sale; it is too recent of a release. My husband rolls his eyes at me and has insisted that he has no need for an avocado print short in his wardrobe. I disagree.

Saying Goodbye: Lucy Activewear

At the end of November, I got word that Lucy Activewear operations are ceasing. The Lucy product team is now taking their expertise in women’s fit, performance, and style to The North Face and you will see changes to that product beginning in the Spring of 2018. Lucy Activewear is one of the sole athletic brands that offer tall sizing, but so does The North Face in select styles. This isn’t the end of the world. Especially since Lucy is offering an additional fifty percent off their current inventory.

I combed through it and pulled information for the items available in tall. You are welcome.

everyday pant


lotus pant


perfect core legging


perfect core pant


studio hatha legging


vital pant


get going pant


My Book/Mark/Downs: Abercrombie & Fitch

Did you know that Abercrombie & Fitch has integrated tall sizing into their line? Yes, they had long denim back in the day, but a long torso’d dress? Forget about that. The following dresses come in long. I am into the fair isle number, but then again, I am on Shopping Moratorium 2018. This is an exercise in willpower.

clockwise from top left: fair isle sweater dress // stripe mock neck sweater dress // zipper neck sweater dress // sequin slip dress // lace trim dress

Cook Before You Leap

Le Creuset just released a lilac set of cookware. It is so good. We have a bunch of the blue gifted from our wedding registry and I can envision the two colors meshing beautifully. The price points start at $20.

grill // braiser // skillet


Dutch oven (small) // Dutch oven (medium) // Dutch oven (large)


petite dish // flower dish


covered dish // square dish // rectangular dish

Eye Spy

This may be gross, TMI, albeit mundane, but I have to share something that I am really pleased with myself about.

Since last August, I have been vigilant about taking my contact lenses out every night. This came after a meeting with my new optometrist. Before that, for the few months prior I was taking them out once a week or once every two weeks. For someone who would spend weeks (months? perhaps.) in the same set of lenses, this is quite the feat. Technically the lenses I used were FDA approved for wearing to sleep. Regardless, it is amazing that the contacts never fused to my eyeballs.

I think I was adverse to it because it is painful when putting them in backwards, which I was frequently apt to do. Practice makes perfect though because in the past few months I have gotten the routine down to seconds.

How embarrassing that I have to commit to this, but here is keeping up with that practice for 2018.