Sartorial Sustainability Sunday: Hitting a Trifecta II

last week... As committed last month, I hit another trifecta. I wore the tennis sweater three times, three ways, over the course of the last quarter on the blog. Three pairs of shoes, three skirts, three sets of jewelry, and...the same pair of sunglasses. Give me a break. Wayfarers are classic. It was an item I [...]

Sartorial Sustainability Sunday: Attempting a (Temporary) Downsize

last... In yesterday's post, I shared my husband's and my big news regarding our move across the country. In a week's time, we will be on the road between Virginia and North Carolina, far away from the bed in which I am typing right now and far away from Philadelphia. We already started saying my [...]

Sartorial Sustainability Sunday: Stories from the Past Two Weeks

last week... This week, a round up of articles regarding sustainability in style: “Your Ultimate Guide to Buying Ethical and Sustainable Fashion” by Sierra Bergman via The Independent, February 7, 2019, accessed online February 23, 2019 “Rank & Style Announces 1M Monthly Users and Sustainable Online Retail Efforts for 2019” via Business Wire, February 12, 2019, [...]

Sartorial Sustainability Sunday: Must-Listen Podcasts

last week... For the past six months, I been a subscriber to the Glossy podcasts. Each of these podcasts last thirty minutes and has a heavy hitter guest from the retail, brand, or tech sectors. Usually some sort of combination of the above. Per the website: The Glossy Podcast is a half-hour, no-holds-barred conversation about [...]

Sartorial Sustainability Sunday: Hitting a Trifecta, I

last week... This week on Sartorial Sustainability Sunday, I am spotlighting the reuse angle of the environmental trio (reduce, reuse, recycle.) Previous reference to reuse within the context of this blog has referred to shopping the secondary market (eBay, Poshmark, TheRealReal, Thredup), but how often do we buy something only to ever wear it once [...]

Sartorial Sustainability Sunday: Stories from the Past Three Weeks

last week... The topic or resale came up at brunch yesterday morning. Did you know that resale is poised to be a multimillion dollar industry with the majority of it is to be clothing? I touched on the idea of shopping the secondary market as a sustainable practice last week in the introduction of my conversation [...]

Sartorial Sustainability Sunday: Carla Arvie @igotitforchic

last week... This week, I am excited to introduce you to Carla Arvie. Her Instagram feed initially landed on my radar in early January. I immediately loved it, and consequently her blog. Carla's content looks like nothing else out there; she is a master when it comes to the secondary market. Thrift shopping is one of [...]