En Vogue With Your Skin Out

Did anyone else not see winter store Stella coming? Yes, there was snow in the forecast a week prior, but this winter has been so temperate that I just did not believe that snow was going to happen in Philadelphia.

Mid-morning of our snow day, during a momentary pause of the snowfall, the fiance and I wanted to check out the snow coverage and whether the snow plows had made their rounds, so we went up to our apartment rooftop.






We were in the middle of a marathon laundry day, so I took a walk on the wild side and wore a cocktail dress paired with all weather boots for the day. I cannot remember the last time I wore this particular dress. (Edit: False. It was fall 2014, layered over a long sleeve forest green cashmere tee shirt.) It is comfortable enough to wear the entire day, so #livealittle.

I think my favorite part of the outfit are the gloves and the scarf. Despite different brands, the gloves are lined with the same colored cashmere as the scarf. Both accessories, but especially the gloves feel very 1950s ladylike. Or Olivia Pope.

scarf // watch // cuff // earrings // bracelet // sunglasses // gloves // socks // boots (mine) //  boots (his)

40 Days and 40 Nights without Online Shopping

This year for Lent, I committed to giving up online shopping and Halo Top ice cream. The former aligns with my New Years resolution to find excitement and newness in the clothing I already have in my closet. The latter aligns with my New Years resolution to work out and eat healthier so that I may actually fit into the clothing I already have in my closet.

From now until Easter, my Thursday posts will be of the spring outfits that I just cannot wait to wear. I chose spring because I haven’t seen those clothes since last September when I last turned over my closet; this punctuates the feeling of newness. Furthermore, after my first winter in Philadelphia, even though as I understand it, has been unseasonably mild, I just cannot wait for spring weather.

By the time this entry is posted, I will be eight days into Lent. Only thirty-two more to go!

Suit Up

For the past three weeks, I have been on a Netflix binge of Friends. As someone who was in elementary and middle school throughout the nineties and grew up in a one television house, I was not vested enough to keep up with the series once I owned my own television during the latter half of the original run. With the introduction of Netflix, that has changed.

Of all of the characters in the ensemble sitcom, Rachel Green’s style evolution is the most obvious. She goes from Central Perk barista to Bloomingdales assistant, personal shopper, and buyer, to Ralph Lauren merchandising manager. Reflective of her career trajectory, she transitions from denim vests and miniskirts to polished suiting.



I interjected my Friends binge with a Sex and the City binge. Rather than Miranda Hobbes’s power suiting, it was Samantha Jones’s that spoke to me.




I found myself inspired to invest in some suiting of my own. Challenging when one tops 6′-2″ in height, but possible!

These are my suit-shopping-for-the-tall-girl takeaways:

  • When presented with the option of different pant cuts, purchase all of them and return the ones that are not your favorite. Apply the same practice to sizes. More often than not, tall lengths are exclusive to online stores. Making a bulk purchase keeps the shipping and handling charges, which tend to be flat if not free after hitting a price threshold, to a minimum. Return the cuts you don’t like to the store.
  • If you have the option to buy the coordinating skirt, dress, or cropped pant, do it. Maximize your options!
  • Many suits (and most of the following options) come in multiple colors. Once you identify your ideal suit size and cut, purchase it in all of the available color options. I cannot tell you how many times I ended up kicking myself after not purchasing multiple colorways of my favorite styles (suiting or not), after finding out they were discontinued.
  • Unless I am shopping for activewear, I have a no-to-minimal polyester policy. I learned this lesson from Confessions of a Shopoholic when Rebecca realized she was clinging to an item consisting of only a small percentage of cashmere. If you are investing a few hundred dollars into an item, pay attention to fabric content. I was shocked at how many pricey suiting pieces listed polyester as the primary fiber.

The following suit separates come in tall. Hover over each of the pants photos for the inseam length.

blazer // lined trouser // unlined trouser // pant // cropped pant

blazer // trouser 

blazer // pant // cropped pant // trouser

blazer // pant // pant // pant

pinstripe blazer // pinstripe trouser

blazer // trouser // pencil skirt // cropped pant

blazer // pant

Longest Leggings Ever

Since I got back on the workout train last December, I have been working on increasing my collection of leggings. Having amassed quite the selection of black reversible Lululemon leggings with the basic black and patterned waistband options, I decidedly skipped Lululemon entirely and shopped other brands. I passed on another pair of from the Beyond Yoga x Kate Spade collaboration, as they did not hold up the way I wished.





Enter Alo. I was skeptical that the 34″ inseam that the item description cited was a typo. I was pleasantly surprised that the 34″ inseam was spot on, with the potential for the leggings to stretch further. The rise on these leggings is higher than the rise on the standard Lululemon Wunder Under. This style fits true to size.

I purchased two pairs in this style. I have worn each once a week since the end of December to either barre, yoga, and namaste + tone. The waistbands in each pair stay in place while going through a vinyasa flow. There is no inching downwards. Perhaps most crucial is that neither pair are see-through in down dog. Especially, when there is a mirror at the back of the class, opaque fabric on the backside is key.

With multiple solid and print combinations, these leggings are a no-brainer for the tall girl whether she is sporting these to the studio or to brunch.

tank // legging // yoga mat // yoga towel // water bottle