tall outerwear

Most women claim to be obsessed with collecting shoes or handbags. Though accessories are easy to procure as you don’t have to chase them down in your size, in an iconoclastic move this is the exact reason I relish collecting outerwear. Cocoon coat? Check! Peacoat? Check! Trench coat? Check! Perfect puffer? I am still working on that.

The right coat can transform your look, not to mention keep you comfortable when the temperatures dip. Choosing the right coat is a game of proportions only made more complicated by a tall frame. A long skirt or maxi calls for a cropped moto jacket. A short skirt? Make like the gal that Cake sang about and wear a long jacket with it.

This page will serve as a running compilation of coats and jackets that are available in tall sizing. After the jump, my favorite coats and the links, should the style still be available.