Green Therapy featuring Antrim 1844

The Tuesday afternoon of our trip to Antrim 1844 brought my husband and I outside and exploring the grounds of the property. There is more than just the mansion that serves as accommodations for Antrim 1844 and it is worth taking a walk around the property to admire each building.

It was such an amazing afternoon, just taking a few moments to take it all in. I wish I could say that I did it sans technology but my husband and I switched off with photography duty with the fancy-pants camera and when he had it, I was taking stories with my iPhone. An overcast afternoon amplified the chill in the air, but it added a moody, romantically gothic ambiance.


Afterwards, we thawed out in the Drawing Room in the mansion, before retiring for the afternoon in the Pickwick Pub. Several hours in front of a blazing fire and three cocktails later, and you could say we had warmed up.

sweater (old, J.Crew) // skirt // heels (old, similar, similar) // coat // earringsย // watchย //ย ring

Sincerest thanks to Antrim 1844 for sponsoring my stay.

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