Nothing Leopard, Nothing Gained

Nothing Leopard, Nothing Gained

Same skirt I wrote about and posted yesterday, albeit in a different colorway. When you find something that comes in your (tall) size and actually fits, you just have to buy all of the palatable color options. Yes, it is an old (circa 2013) skirt, but I love breaking out old school styles. They are [...]

Think Off White The Box

Think Off White The Box

Last weekend I unpacked a few garments that I have not worn since at late-winter 2015. I once read that the majority of people associate specific smells with the past. I associate articles of my own clothing with events and periods of time of my past. There is certainly comfort in the familiar, and this particular [...]

Clueless in 2018

I just rewatched my favorite 90s movie, Clueless. While I prefer the decade of decadence, the 1980s to the latter, there is something about the 1995 classic that makes it into my top ten favorite movies. Did you know that the writer and director of this favorite, Amy Heckerling, also directed and assisted Cameron Crowe [...]

Blazing My Own Damn Trail

I was dismayed when J.Crew discontinued the iconic schoolboy blazer. I bought it in five colors and only wish I had purchased more. The follow up was the Rhodes blazer, but again, it was discontinued. Gone were the preppy, classic styles, only to be followed up with more minimal, streamlined cuts available exclusively in neutral [...]

Don’t Book Back // This Is How It Starts by @GrantGinder

last read... As mentioned in a past post about another novel taking place within the Beltway, I love reading fiction set in Washington DC. Especially since I have left the District, looking back on the specific time and era of these books takes me back and especially when written accurately, I can imagine that I [...]



This past Saturday, the husband and I went to the Pennsylvania Ballet production of Romeo & Juliet. Prior to going to the theater, we met up for cocktails with several other Young Friends of the Pennsylvania Ballet. After indulging in another cocktail at the member reception during the first intermission, we were invited to tour [...]

Row Way, Row How

I have always loved the look of a rowing blazer. Typically reserved for the guys, my husband refuses to sport one. Way too stuffy for him. He draws the line at embroidered corduroys and even then will drag his feet about wearing them. Only when I gifted a pair along with a set of L.L. [...]

Sweater Things

Stop me if you heard this one. You head to a favorite online store. Search cashmere (or leather, tweed, madras, seersucker...) Your interest is piqued when you find a dreamy wool - cashmere sweater dress. Lose your ever loving mind when you notice that the dress is available in tall (petite if you are a tiny [...]

Don’t Book Back // #fashionvictim: A Novel by Amina Akhtar, @Drrramina

Don’t Book Back //  #fashionvictim: A Novel by Amina Akhtar, @Drrramina

last read... For the past week, I could not wait to get home from work and break out #fashionvictim: A Novel on my iPad during my daily hour on the elliptical. Truth-be-told, these visits to the gym are not necessarily "daily," but looking forward to reading this book got my ass doing cardio. Ironic because via Fashionista's [...]