Ode to Stripe

Rugby stripes are such a classic. There is a reason that they have been a mainstay in closets since the 1980s. My own rugby shirt memory revolves around moving to a new middle school in the mid-to-late 1990s. I was so envious of the rugby shirts in the school colors complete with the school crest, sported by the student council.

Thank goodness I did not get looped into student council until much later. My twelve year old girl frame would have looked like….a twelve year old boy frame in that rugby shirt. Now that would have been tragic.

I later coveted a coral / shell pink rugby shirt from J.Crew circa spring 2000. Earlier this year, I wrote about my enthusiasm for the reissuing of said shirt. Even better these days, it is available to be monogrammed. Unfortunately, the length of the current style did not work on my tall frame, but I am ever hopeful that a second try with the dress version may work, and if not, I found two alternate styles at other brands that are available in tall.

dress with crest (also available in tall and petite) // dress (also available in petite) // dress (also available in tall and petite)

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