Strappy Days

Lately I have been on the Sex andย  the City diet. While the style of my favorite character was actually Natasha's, I think Samantha's and Charlotte's styles, and to a lesser degree Miranda's, styles were fantastic and really spoke to the characters themselves. I was perusing the tall selection at the Banana Republic online store [...]

Seared North Carolina Trout with New Red Bliss Potatoes and Broccolini // @2souschefs

"The abundance of delicious fruits and vegetables is really ramping up on top of the mountain. Farmers' markets teeming with peaches and nectarines from Georgia, potatoes from the next town over, corn from Asheville, and an array of tomatoes in every shape and color. This particular dish was dreamt up from this abundance. It also [...]

Shell I Compare Sea to a Summer’s Day?

Shell I Compare Sea to a Summer’s Day?

Who remembers when Gilt and RueLaLa were the best online destinations to shop? Admittedly I probably shopped too much at the flash sale sites, so much so that I burnt out. Full candor, I was most certainly one of those girls who used the first thirty minutes of her lunch break (EST thank sweet baby [...]