Head Case

Yesterday I wore a head scarf from the Eugenia Kim x Lilly Pulitzer collaboration to the pool. It goes without saying that it popped with color. Add on top of that my blue flash aviators on a Lilly croakie and orange tie dye caftan with sequin trim, and one could say that my outfit was what the kids would call “extra”.

All of this is the say that I am really into head and hair accessories. Headbands? Yes. Scarves tied Rambo-style? Yes. A baseball cap? For bad hair days and pool days only.

I could say that I blame Blair Waldorf for this obsession, but that would not be entirely accurate. To pinpoint the moment in my adult life when I was inspired to drive to my nearest locally-owned boutique (You the know the type. That one stocked with premium denim [that was the fucking rage in the aughts] and was put out of business by the 2008 recession.) and bought a few headbands, was season one of The Hills. Lauren Conrad put the headband back on the sartorial map and it was a year later than Queen B underscored it with her version of a crown.

In the weeks prior to the release of the second Sex and the City movie, I read an article that touted turbans as the next hot accessory. Let’s just say that I was on my edge of my seat waiting for them to take off to the same or comparable influence as the headband had on the years 2006 through 2009. I feel that with the few styles recently released, the turban’s time is nearly here.

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