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Last week I wrote about Danielle Fishel’s memoir, which touched on her relationship with Lance Bass. With Out of Sync sitting in my iBooks queue, it was then decided that Mr. Bass’ memoir would be the perfect follow up to Normally This Would Be a Cause For Concern… and the third book I would digest while on vacation.

I am a bit behind the eight ball on this, as the book was released over a decade ago. I do not recall what possessed me to make the purchase; I don’t think I read any particularly juicy excerpts online. Perhaps I only saw that Lance Bass had written a memoir via his Wikipedia page. Don’t get me into the Wikipedia deep dives I have caught myself on. Almost like an Alice in Wonderland-type fall into pop culture minutiae. In fact, a recent Wikipedia deep dive into Kevin Bacon led me to know that his middle name is the same as a good friend’s last name and allowed me to come to the conclusion that my friend was was mistaken for the celebrity and received his hotel room when both of the gentleman had booked accommodations in the same hotel the weekend of the most recent White House Correspondents Dinner.

I digress.

Nearly everything that Mr. Bass offered up in his memoir, I could have read on his Wikipedia page. The most interesting part of the book was the chapter about his training to go into space. The obstacles that he met – namely, time and money – could have been easily circumvented if a certain member of *NSync was more forthcoming with his musical ambitions. I’ll leave it at that.

Will I read it again? No. Would I recommend it? A decade ago, I would have definitely recommended the book. These days, maybe try an internet deep dive instead. Or download the book via Audible and listen to it on your commute to the office.


Out of Sync: A Memoir by Lance Bass

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