Goop Therapy

The Lilly Pulitzer world was shook on Thursday when press releases abounded with news about the newest collaboration. (Just me...?) Hanky Panky, Target, Starbucks, Swell, and now, Goop. It should not come as any surprise that the lifestyle brand that is frequently critiqued as out-of-touch teamed up with the resort line which outfits the very [...]

Paprika Seared Flounder + Chilled Spicy Noodles // @2souschefs

"Hot and cold, sweet and sour, soft and crunchy: contrasts are what drives the imagination of chefs and home cooks alike. We have hot, pan seared fish with cool, spicy noodles, and fresh broccolini in this week's offering. At the restaurant we enjoy playing around with contrasting flavors and techniques, and the same goes for [...]

Aqua and Omega

Earlier this year I purchased a sage green Banana Republic x Olivia Palermo flared cuff jacket. I was quite jazzed that it was available in the tall range. Though I found it to run a bit big and I may not have been in love with it, I kept it. At the time, I had [...]