Goop Therapy

The Lilly Pulitzer world was shook on Thursday when press releases abounded with news about the newest collaboration. (Just me…?) Hanky Panky, Target, Starbucks, Swell, and now, Goop.

It should not come as any surprise that the lifestyle brand that is frequently critiqued as out-of-touch teamed up with the resort line which outfits the very demographic of the former’s core target audience. While the items that Goop┬átouts to its readers tends to be less economical than Lilly Pulitzer, what a way to engage basic, white women.

The five piece limited-time capsule collection features a pattern designed by Ms. Paltrow herself, aptly named Kiss, Kiss as this partnership is timed to ride the coattails of the recent release of Goop‘s The Sex Issue.

Will we be buying this now? Or will we be waiting until the next APS? Chime in.



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