Sartorial Sustainability Sunday: A Decade Later

Sartorial Sustainability Sunday: A Decade Later

last week... I recently realized that we were approaching the decade anniversary of former President Barrack Obama's first inauguration. What a time. I have the distinct memory of everything that happened that day. The night before the inauguration, I fell asleep to Frasier on Lifetime on my little television, a loaner from a graduate school roommate, Gail, [...]

Issa Wrap

Last weekend I was really into adding a patchwork madras skirt to my wardrobe. To be honest I remain obsessed with the style. This week I also want to procure another Issa dress. I say another because back in the early 2010s when Issa was hitting a fever pitch, thanks to Princess Kate, I bought [...]

Going Madras

Last weekend I alluded to eBay being the ultimate catchall for the items of which I have passers' remorse. Lately I have been especially nostalgic for J.Crew of not only days, but decades past. Peak classic prep vibes with a dose of normcore is what I would love to inject in my wardrobe. Of course, I [...]