When the Coat Comes In

I am all about the coats. Don't believe me? And when a coat is available in tall, then all the better. Count! Me! In! Did you know that Gap Factory released tall sizes? My world was rocked when I found this out last week! Outlets and Factory stores rarely offer tall sizes; last being J.Crew [...]

High on Tall Coats

Lately there have been two things that I have been obsessed with: new coats and rewatching SATC. This past weekend, I was browsing some sites with tall departments and I found this stunner: coat (available in tall) The khaki version reminds me of the coat that Carrie wore during Don't Ask, Don't Tell. Yes, this [...]

SATC to Square One

Lately, I have been bingeing and re-bingeing the first season of Sex and the City, much to my husband's dismay. While I unquestionably love all episodes of SATC up to "Ring a Ding Ding", the first season of Sex and the City was the best season. It had the best style. I said it. I meant [...]

That’s All She Coat

Though I already have an amazing camel coat in my wardrobe, no less in a tall size, I am obsessed with this shawl collar camel hair coat. While the item description calls out that it fits true to size, reviews have said otherwise. There has been feedback that the coat is not ideal for those [...]

WELL: Week 3

WELL: Week 3

For the past two weeks I have been studying for the WELL exam, specifically the Features that encompass the Water Concept. It was a dry category; thank sweet baby Jesus that there were only eight Features to study. To balance the dullness of Water, I moved on to studying Fitness two Fridays ago. Also eight [...]