Black and White Silence

I started to notice that a lot of the items that were going on the bookmarks list were black, white, or black and white. I don’t know if it has to do with my recent obsession with SATC, or if it is something else. Probably something else because the stuff I have been attracted to hasn’t fallen into the late 90s minimalism camp. 

clockwise from top left: bow sweater // skirt // tote // sweater dress // striped tee // necklace sweater // tweed pump

When the Coat Comes In

I am all about the coats. Don’t believe me? And when a coat is available in tall, then all the better. Count! Me! In!

Did you know that Gap Factory released tall sizes? My world was rocked when I found this out last week! Outlets and Factory stores rarely offer tall sizes; last being J.Crew Factory, although the line must have been discontinued as it hasn’t been available in nearly a year.

I love both colors. Navy and stone are so classic. They never go out of style, and neither does the hybrid of the peacoat and the trench coat. Since I already have a navy peacoat (with navy on white pinstripe lining no less) circa 2003 that I still wear every spring, I will likely procure the stone.

Right now the coat is $58.99 with an additional 40% off with code “GREATEST”. 


High on Tall Coats

Lately there have been two things that I have been obsessed with: new coats and rewatching SATC. This past weekend, I was browsing some sites with tall departments and I found this stunner:

coat (available in tall)

The khaki version reminds me of the coat that Carrie wore during Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. Yes, this was the scandalous episode in which she commences an affair with Big. Having an affair is a bad idea, but the coat she was wearing was a good idea.

shīroshakar: Persian for milk and sugar

Seersucker is one of my favorite summer staples. Only to be worn between Memorial Day and Labor Day, it is a elevated older sister to white and younger sister to madras. It is an essential to the traditional wardrobe, ergo it is an essential to my wardrobe. Since it never goes out of style, I have never had to retire a seersucker item. In fact, I still have the pink and white a-line, strapless, seersucker dress I purchased during the summer of 2008. I distinctly remember wearing it later that summer during my last night out on the Gulf Coast before moving to DC for graduate school and again that summer on my birthday.

Seersucker has a rich history. The name is derived from the Persian word from milk and sugar; this refers to the textured character of the fabric. In the early 1900s, the fabric came to be en vogue by way of New Orleanean designer Joseph Haspel Sr. Seersucker was a popular alternative to the paradigm due to its lightweight nature versus the intense temperature and humidity of the deep South.

Seersucker suits were very popular on Capitol Hill prior to the introduction of air conditioning. Could you imagine having to work in the Capitol not only without a/c, but also while wearing a lightweight wool suit? How miserable. In the 1990s, Mississippi senator Trent Lott rebooted the seersucker Thursday trend on The Hill. I speak from experience when I say that this spread all over the District. Several blocks away from the Capitol, the entire government relations and communications department for the nonprofit that I worked for during graduate school engaged in seersucker Thursday, myself included.

the hill
Credit: Getty

If the spring releases are any indication, seersucker is coming in hot for the summer. I have rounded up some of my favorite styles. Can you guess which one I broke Shopping Moratorium 2018 for?

strapless dress (marked down and available in tall) // asymmetrical dress (marked down and available in tall)

tank suit.jpg

tank suit

skimmer pant

capri pant




pajama pants // shift dress

SATC to Square One

Lately, I have been bingeing and re-bingeing the first season of Sex and the City, much to my husband’s dismay. While I unquestionably love all episodes of SATC up to “Ring a Ding Ding”, the first season of Sex and the City was the best season. It had the best style. I said it. I meant it. I am not taking it back. To be frank, I am partial to late nineties fashion. The minimalism, the color palette, and the futuristic allusions.

In the mid-aughts, I read an article about color theory and why certain types of colors – metallics, neons, primaries – come into style in certain years. This article explained that the metallic colors that dominated the end of the millennium, were a reaction to looking forward to the future. In the years that the adults fretted about the millennium bug, it would only make sense that we dressed in the palette of computer chips. 

These days, the kids are really into early nineties styles; a few glances of what I see walking around Center City and my mind goes to Reality Bites, Singles, and the first three seasons of The Real World. I am looking forward to the day that late nineties Calvin Klein minimalism takes over. Goodbye, chokers. Hello Prada nylon. Over the past few weeks, I found a few items that recall that era. Here is hoping that what I have found is an indication of better things to come.

clockwise from top right: pink tank // stone camisole // asymmetrical dress // slip dress // one-shoulder shirt // grey v-neck camisole // satin cropped pants // mockneck dress

A Color Story

A few days ago, I realized that many of my recent bookmarks were a soft green-blue. Something about it reminds me of a deserted beach on a cloudy day. Sure, any beach is instantly upped by sunshine, but I think there is something rather relaxing to a grey / blue / green day on the sand. As someone who is always high strung, I will take any soothing color story if it lowers my blood pressure.


clockwise from top leftwatch // shades // headband // sandals // one-shoulder shirt // caftan // tote

Floral Diplomacy

I just love Milly New York. Since the label’s inception in the mid-aughts, Michelle Smith has served up plum next level designs made in New York. How is that for a great American brand? And more than a decade before the president made a *thing* about it, albeit while not following it himself. (We all know that his Macy’s line is made in China). Regardless of one’s politics, I admire Milly’s Michelle Smith for not only taking a stand and talking the talk, but walking the walk. Michelle is the real deal and aside from her values, she is a design genius.

I scored this Milly shirtdress via eBay back in December. While I cannot speak to when this particular dress was produced, I can say with certainty that this was made prior to the Milly rebrand in 2012, as the dress has the Milly script label and the print has the Milly script label incorporated in it. It is something I could see Blair Waldorf wearing in the latter seasons of Gossip Girl.

The dress design is perfection on a tall frame, which is atypical for a line that produces standard sizes only. Not only is the hemline modest enough to wear to the office, but the sleeves are long enough as well. Add a tall sized camel coat, multistrand pearl necklace, block heels, and the outfit is ready to report to work.

dress (old, Milly) // coat (available in tall, alternate colorways) // bracelet (budget) // earrings // necklace (old, J.Crew Factory) // sunglasses // watch // knot ring // shoes (old, J.Crewalternate colorwaysimilarsimilarsimilar)

Resort Craving

It is always around this time of year that I wish I had planned a resort vacation. I could definitely go for 85 degree weather and a salted rim margarita. Give me a caftan, metallic sandals, and big sunglasses any day.

Last year it hit 85 degrees on Easter. Here is hoping that Mother Nature graces us with an early thaw.

red dress // green cover-up // pineapple caftan


avocado earrings // gold pineapple necklace // gold pineapple earrings

elephant espadrilles // avocado espadrilles

shell necklace // reef necklace // reef earrings




sterling silver pineapple pendant // sterling silver pineapple earrings

towels // straw purse

tote // hat

Valentine Empire

I never have been one to get into Valentine’s Day. My relationships never aligned with the holiday until I was 24 and even then, I was not very spirited. Even after the first two years of our relationship, of which my husband and I were long distance, Valentine’s Day has not been a priority. Our respective office hours tend to run later and with the holiday on a weekday, who has time?

I bought this dress at this past autumn. It is also available in black and lilac and looking back, I wish I had purchased the latter color for spring as well. The dress comes in tall. #rejoice

The cardigan is from the L’Wren Scott x Banana Republic collaboration of 2013. It, too, was offered in tall, likely because L’Wren (RIP) was a fellow tall female. Along with the rich purple, the tall sequin cardigan came in red. I bought both, as well as three of the dresses and a scarf from the collection. Despite how long I have had the items, I still refuse to give away or sell any of them; they are just too darn classic.

dress // cardigan (old, Banana Republicsimilarsimilarsimilarsimilar) // shoes (old, J.Crewsimilarsimilarsimilarsimilar) // sunglasses (similarsimilarsimilar) // gloves // watch // black diamond cuff // pearl cuff // green stone cuff // earrings // necklace

WELL: Week 3

For the past two weeks I have been studying for the WELL exam, specifically the Features that encompass the Water Concept. It was a dry category; thank sweet baby Jesus that there were only eight Features to study.

To balance the dullness of Water, I moved on to studying Fitness two Fridays ago. Also eight Features worth, but much more exciting!


shirt (old, similar) // pajama pants (old, similar) // notebook // pencil jar // pencils // pens // zipper pouch // sticky note set // candle // dry erase markers

The Features within Fitness are the following:

64. Interior Fitness Circulation

  • Part 1: Stair Accessibility // The following must be met:
    • Stairs at accessible to regular building occupants during all regular business hours
    • Wayfinding signage and point-of decision prompts are present to encourage stair use (at least one sign per elevator band)
  • Part 2: Stair Promotion // In projects with two to four floors, at least one staircase meets the following requirements:
    • Located within 7.5 meters (25 feet) of the entrance to the building or the edge of the lobby
    • Clearly visible from the main entrance to the project, or located visually before any elevators present upon entering from the main entrance
    • Stair widths of 1.4 meters (56 inches) between handrails
  • Part 3: Facilitative Aesthetics // Both stairs and paths of frequent travel display elements of aesthetic appeal by incorporating at least two of the following:
    • artwork, including decorative painting
    • music
    • daylighting, using windows or skylights of at least one square meter (10.8 square feet) in size
    • view windows to the outdoors or building interior
    • light levels of at least 215 lux (920 fc) when the stairs are in use

65. Activity Incentive Programs

  • Part 1: Activity Incentive Programs // A plan with at least two of the following is developed and implemented
    • tax-exempt payroll deductions relating to bicycle commuting and mass transit (such as Transportation Fringe Benefits in Section 132(f) of the US Internal Revenue Code) or a direct subsidy for an equivalent amount
    • $200 or greater reimbursement or incentive payments in every six month period that an employee meets a 50-visit minimum to the gym or professional program
    • A subsidy of at least $240 per year is available to each interested employee to cover the costs of participation in races, group fitness activities, and sports teams
    • A subsidy of at least $240 per year is available to employees to cover the costs of fitness or training programs offered in professional gyms or studios
    • A subsidy of at least $50 per year is available to employees to cover the costs of a bicycle share membership
    • A fitness program in which it is demonstrated that at least 30% of regular building occupants utilize free access to gyms or fitness classes

66. Structured Fitness Opportunities

  • Part 1: Professional Fitness Programs
    • Onsite fitness or training programs are available at least once per month
  • Part 2: Fitness Education
    • Classes from a qualified professional are offered at least once every three months to cover the following:
      • different modes or exercise
      • safe fitness techniques
      • comprehensive exercise regimens

67. Exterior Active Design

  • Part 1: Pedestrian Amenities // Sites in which the building takes up less than 75% of the total lot size provide at least one of the following within highly trafficked areas, such as building entrances, public transportation stops, and walking paths:
    • a bench
    • a cluster of movable chairs and tables
    • a drinking fountain or water refilling station
  • Part 2: Pedestrian Promotion // Sites in which the building takes up less than 75% of the total lot size provide at least one of the following outdoors:
    • a bench
    • a plaza
    • a garden
    • public art
  • Part 3: Neighborhood Connectivity // At least one of the following requirements is met:
    • Walk Score of 70 or greater
    • Project is eligible for at least three points in the LEED BD+C New Construction “Surrounding density and diverse uses” credit

68. Physical Activity Spaces

  • Part 1: Site Space Designation For Offices // Spaces with more than ten regular occupants to provide the following:
    • Dedicated exercise space that is at least 18.6 square meters (200 square feet) plus 0.1 square meters (one square foot) per regular building occupant, up to a maximum or 370 square meters (4,000 square feet)
  • Part 2: External Exercise Spaces // At least one of the following is accessible within 0.8 kilometers (0.5 miles) walking distance of the building:
    • parks with playgrounds, workout stations, trails, or an accessible body of water
    • complimentary access to gyms, playing fields, or swimming pools

69. Active Transportation Support

  • Part 1: Bicycle Storage and Support // The following is provided onsite or within 200 m (650 feet) of the building’s main entrance:
    • Basic bicycle maintenance tools, including tire pumps, patch kits, and hex keys available for use
    • Separate and secure bicycle storage for at least 5% of regular building occupants, as well as short-term bicycle storage for at least 2.5% of all peak visitors
  • Part 2: Post Commute and Workout Facilities // The following is provided onsite or within 200 m (650 feet) of the building’s main entrance:
    • One shower with changing facility for the first 100 regular building occupants and one additional shower for every 150 regular building occupants thereafter
    • One locker for every five regular building occupants, or evidence that the lockers provided exceed demand by at least 20%

70. Fitness Equipment

  • Part 1: Cardio Respiratory Exercise Equipment // A combination of the following is provided in the interior fitness space free of charge, in a quantity that would allow use by at least one percent of regular building occupants and accompanied by instructions for safe use:
    • treadmills
    • elliptical machines
    • rowing machines
    • stationary exercise bicycle
  • Part 2: Muscle-strengthening Exercise Equipment // A combination of the following is provided in the interior fitness space free of charge, in a quantity that would allow use by at least one percent of regular building occupants and accompanied by instructions for safe use:
    • multistation equipment
    • bench press with a self-spotting rack
    • full squat-rack
    • pull-up bar

71. Active Furnishings

  1. Part 1: Active Workstations // Some combination of the following is required for 3% or more of the employees (minimum one) and are available for any employee to reserve or use:
    • treadmill desks
    • bicycle desks
    • portable desk pedal or stepper machine
  2. Part 2: Prevalent Standing Desks // At least 60% of workstations feature one of the following:
    • Adjustable height standing desk
    • Standard desk with desk-top height adjustment stand