Fall for J.Crew

Who has seen the deliciousness of J.Crew’s New Arrivals? I immediately added nearly everything to my online shopping card. I do not know that I have seen so many items that were made in tall in one New Arrivals release. There are even some items that only come in standard sizes that I am considering ordering just to try on and pray that they work on my 6′-2″ frame.

Shall we just get down to the highlights? 

loafer // flat // bootie


velvet wrap dress (standard sizes only) // faille dress (tall option) // bow neck dress (tall option)


dual button coat (tall option) // trench field coat (tall option) // tri button coat (tall option) // belted coat (tall option) 

long sleeve blouse (tall option) // camisole (tall option) // rugby (standard sizes only)

leather skirt (standard sizes only) // paper bag skirt (standard sizes only) // sequin skirt (tall option available) 

jacket // skirt

Print + Stripes

The weekend before our wedding, the fiance and I had to run a few errands. One of them was exchanging a few bowls gifted from our registry that were crushed in the mail. Dang USPS! Trips to Scarlett Alley, where we registered for dishes, are always a treat even under unfortunate circumstances. The owner always recognizes and warmly greets the now-husband and I, and she was beyond helpful in assisting our wedding guests in ordering from the registry.

I am obsessed with the style of this top. I wore the yellow oxford cloth version out and about in NYC about a month ago. That fabric was stiff enough to sculpt the perfect bow. The silk fabric of the sister shirt that I wore on Saturday was not as easy to manipulate. After getting frustrated with my fiance’s execution of the bow and then my own, I left the tie undone. I planned to wear my hair down anyway; this style allowed me to do so and show off my favorite part of the shirt.

I was thrilled when Mignon Faget released their new wire bracelet collection. While it is not a secret that I am a sucker for the tulip collection, I opted for the bow wire bracelet. I knew it and the banner ring would coordinate nicely together without being too matchy-matchy. Lucky for you, right now, the banner ring is available at a markdown price in limited quantities.

top // shorts // sandals // bucket bag (similar) // sunglasses // earrings // bow cuff (℅ Mignon Faget) // banner ring // tulip ring

How To: Wedding Registry

Did you know that iTunes recently released seasons one through four of Will & Grace, as well as the pre-sale of the 2017 – 2018 season? It was one of my favorite shows to watch while it was on the air. My fiance and I digested the four available seasons over the past two weeks; I can confirm that the series holds up as a favorite. One of the best episodes back then and today is “Wedding Balls.” In it, Will volunteers Grace to assist his cousin’s fiance (the groom) in wedding preparations, as his cousin (the bride) is bound to the west coast with an ear infection. There is a wedding registry scene which takes me back to registering for my own wedding last fall.

Credit: NBC

I planned for a long engagement. Highly recommended. The fiance asked me to marry him on Thanksgiving of 2015 and we are getting married this Saturday. Do the math. Yes, our engagement was nearly two years. Within that two years, the fiance moved back to the east coast, I relocated up 95 to live with him, I joined a new company, and along with an amazing planner, we organized a DC wedding.

We waited nearly one year after the engagement and six months after moving in together to register for gifts. Again, highly recommended. This allowed us each to take inventory of our “stuff” when we each moved out from our single abodes and again when we moved in together. We were able to make a list of items that would need to be replaced and items that neither of us had but required for a happy home life (example: waffle maker). We kept a record of this on a shared pinboard. While it was not necessary to pin the exact make and models, we wanted to keep a record of what we needed so we would resist getting sucked into scanning everything within the store.

Speaking of the store, I recommend visiting several stores’ before committing to a registry. Crate & Barrell, Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware, Williams Sonoma, Sur La Table, Anthropologie, L.L.Bean, Target, Bed, Bath & Beyond, Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s, Bergdorg Goodman, Barney’s – try not to get overwhelmed. My wedding planner advised to have registries at two to three different stores with registry accessibility online and at least one of them with copious locations of brick and mortar stores, for the older guests who tend to be adverse to online shopping.

We went with two of the above and a local boutique that offered registry services, where we discovered the most amazing set of Scandinavian porcelain dishes and mugs. The two above that we registered at offered a discount post-wedding for the bride and groom to finish purchasing anything that was leftover.

This brings me to how much you should include in your registry. It is a personal decision for every couple. Have you ever seen those wedding registries that are so grand, only to be told by the bride that she is trying to keep the wedding intimate? Those leave a bad taste in my mouth.

Does this barcart come in tall?

This is why after putting together our registry, I developed a spreadsheet. It analyzed the number of guests slash invitations, dollar value of our three registries, and breakdowns of gift price points. It was asssuring to know that we had not registered for more dollars per invitation than my fiance and I tended to gift in the past. Impersonal? Maybe. But when you analyze numbers for a living, real data is crucial!

These are my top ten picks from my wedding registry:


waffle iron // cocktail glasses // cocktail shaker // casserole dish // mixer // bath sheets // bed sheets // sterling silver frame // mugs // dinner plates

Date Night

The fiance and I went for dinner Saturday night to mark one week until our wedding. After realizing that I actually made Talulah’s Garden reservations for Sunday night, we went to Ela, as it was one of the only places we could get into with minutes notice. We ordered from the four course prix fixe menu, highly recommended. Plates of octopus (octopi?), gnocchi, figs, lamb, trout, and the most decadent cookie dough in which I have ever indulged. When I could not finish my dessert, the fiance was more than happy to take over and clean the bowl.

When we walked out of the building earlier in the day, we were both shocked at how hot and humid the weather was. If it is after Labor Day, but still over 85 degrees outside, I will insist on wearing white, especially if it is my wedding week. For those not into wearing white after Labor Day, this dress also comes in a pale blue-ish gray.

My favorite part of the dress is that, although it is not offered in a long or a tall option, it fits my six foot two inch stature perfectly. Those in the six foot club understand how rarely that happens. (Spoiler alert: nearly never.) Can I get an amen?

Are you sitting down? Because this dress is marked down under twenty dollars. Did I buy both colors? Yes. Did I buy the sister tank top in the three shades it was offered? Again, guilty, but not sorry!

dress // sandals (similar) // necklace (similar) // earrings // prasiolite cuff // black diamond cuff // bow cuff (℅ Mignon Faget) // ribbon ring

A Fab Collab: LTS x Karl Lagerfeld Paris

I have frequently discussed my love for a good (and maybe not-so-good) designer collaboration in the past. You can imagine how I audibly gasped when I saw the Long Tall Sally x Karl Lagerfeld Paris email hit my inbox this morning. I am fairly certain that those outside my office heard me, and I am not even ashamed.

I clicked the link and y’all, every piece was better than the last. Several items will be making a home in my closet this fall. I have dreams of mixing LTS x Karl Lagerfeld Paris tweed on other tweed pieces I collected over the years. Tweed on tweed. Radical, right? More radical that an insane collaboration with a brand exclusively for tall ladies? Doubt it. Let’s all high five Long Tall Sally for bringing this our way.

These are my picks from the collection:



tweed dress


pearl collar blouse

pearl dress

Gulf Coast State of Mind

Growing up on the Gulf Coast, there were certain staple items that were crucial to one’s wardrobe. Since I left the coast in 2008, I have not noticed these items in the communities along the east coast seaboard, where I have since lived: Maryland, Washington DC, Philadelphia. The fiance and I tend to return to the coast for July Fourth and Labor Day weekends, and we always pack these key items. We always look like extras from Netflix’s Bloodline (highly recommend!) and I am perfectly okay with that.


We decided only to visit the Gulf Coast for July Fourth this year. Naturally, even though we stayed in Philadelphia for the long weekend, I dressed for a weekend in the south. These are my go-to items:

  • A Columbia long sleeved shirt is ideal for going out on the boat and catching a ton of fish. It stays cool in humid temperatures, it has epalettes for rolling the sleeves, and you can flip the collar to keep the back of your neck from getting too much sun. This shirt is also made in men’s sizes. I would be lying if I said that I didn’t purchase it in two colors for me and two colors for the fiance. Admittedly this shirt is a total mom-shirt, but mom is always right everything…right?
  • I love the scallop hem shorts. The inseam is more modest at 5 inches, which is what I have been into lately. The family and I were on a winter vacation in Key West, where I made the mistake of wearing a swimsuit and coverup to Duval Street on a day less warm than I anticipated. The fiance took me to Lilly Pulitzer where he insisted on me picking out a pair of shorts and long sleeve top (#twistmyarm) and these were the pair I selected.
  • I stand by Rainbow flip flops. Yes, they are the definitive throwback from college, but I loved them (still love them) for making the inevitable dash from the house / store / work to the car during the daily summer 1 pm rain shower. The puddles and rain did not ruin them and on top of that, they never tore up my feet.
  • Mignon Faget pieces are total Gulf Coast staples. Women from Pensacola to New Orleans sport this designer’s pieces and I am no exception. I own most of the tulip collection, save for the tulip-in-the-round earrings and tulip bracelet, both of which I have had my eye on for YEARS. Wearing the tulip ring has inspired two (DC-based) friends to order it as well.
  • The Gulf Coast humidity is the culprit of many a bad hair day. For those with fine hair like mine, hot rollers are an essential. While my objective is not to have curly hair, the rollers along with a good dose of hairspray, gives my hair more body and movement.

shirt // scallop hem shorts // sunglasses // flip flop // bucket bag (similar) // black diamond cuff // pearl cuff // prasiolite cuff // tulip ring

Sequins in the Daylight

I recently came to the realization that I passed the age threshold of which three inch inseam shorts are deemed appropriate. Now that I am reflecting on this, I am not sure that three inch inseam shorts were ever appropriate given my height. On the other hand, after I graduated from high school and broke free from the dress code, I decided to wear whatever I felt like wearing.


A few summers ago I found a pair of four inch inseam shorts online on markdown and decided to pull the trigger. I did not see it coming but the inch difference of modesty made me feel considerably more comfortable. I had several other pairs with a four inch inseam – madras, printed, seersucker – but none were as much as a staple that I wore them consistently and was cognizant of the difference. Earlier this summer I purchased several pairs of four inch inseam shorts, all pairs of which have stretch in them (last seen here and here, in pink and blue).

The tank top is an economical find. I do not even remember how I found it, but I know I found the sister slipdress first. I said it before and I will say it again, sign me up for paillettes any day! Fixed tank top straps do not tend to work on taller gals, unless the torso of the tank is longer. The tank top has adjustable straps, which was crucial because the body is shorter than I tend to wear.

I always get compliments on my Lauren Merkin clutches. Unfortunately they ceased operations in 2015. Fortunately I stocked up on them before they were no longer available via retail and not the second-hand market.

Jack Rogers signature sandals are my go-to summer shoe. Work, weekend, holiday, I am wearing a pair eighty percent of the time. I broke in my first pair nearly ten years ago when I wore them to the spring Foxfield Races. I did not notice until I returned to my host’s house that evening, but I had never seen my feet beat up and blistered to that extent before. Granted this has not deterred me from purchasing at least one pair per summer every year since then. I worked on breaking in my wedding pair last week; as always it was brutal and I deferred to wearing a pair of dreamy sheepskin lined UGGs the following day. If anyone has any hacks for breaking in Jack Rogers, please sound off below. My wedding look depends on it.

tank top // shorts // sandals // sunglasses // quatrefoil ring // black diamond cuff //   prasiolite cuff // pearl cuff // eyebrow product // mascara // tinted moisturizer// lip color //  eyeshadow pallette // nail color

Let Your Style Speak for You

I have written about my dislike for the ‘Kardashian’ look in the past, and that preference certainly will not change for my wedding day. I prefer a more classic, traditional look on me. When one is 6′-2″ tall and wearing super dramatic makeup, complete with smokey eye and heavy contour, one risks being confused for a transsexual and I do not mean that in a derogatory way. That just is not the type of look of which I feel comfortable wearing.


To underscore what I planned to ask my makeup artist and Drybar artist for, I kept my outfit super classic on the day of my trials. A very wise woman once said that style is a way to say who you are without having to speak. (Rachel Zoe in 2008, but also Blair Waldorf in 2011.) I channeled this philosophy when choosing the outfit to wear to my bridal makeup and hair trials.

Cut to selecting the preppiest dang oxford in my closet (originally seen here)! The shirt is available in tall and the pastel colors can not be beat. The shirt married perfectly with a pair of 4″ inseam chino shorts (last seen here, in pink). Recently I realized that I surpassed the age threshold for wearing 3″ inseam chino shorts, so I stocked up on the longer shorts in several colors.

The makeup artist completely understood the look I wanted. The few times I felt uncomfortable with the intensity of the makeup, she removed the makeup and adjusted it accordingly. Unfortunately, I was not as lucky with Drybar. My experience from the day of my trial is a lot of information to unpack, but I will leave it at this: if I am asking for a blowout and schedule a trial, I absolutely expect to have my hair washed first.

shirt // shorts // bag (similar) // shoes // sunglasses // pearl necklace // pearl bracelet // pearl earrings // quatrefoil ring // black diamond cuff // prasiolite cuff // pearl cuff