Saying Goodbye: Kate Spade x Beyond Yoga

I wrote about the Kate Spade x Beyond Yoga collaboration last winter. I didn’t love wearing it during yoga (especially during chatarungas), but I do love wearing it not while working out. True athleisure, emphasis on the leisure.

Unfortunately after several seasons, the collaboration between Kate Spade and Beyond Yoga is reaching it’s end. Luckily, I score a bunch from the first collection nearly two years ago. As I have added to my active wear drawers in the past few days, I don’t feel the need to buy any more clothing for exercising.

Fortunately for you, I have pulled together remaining styles at a markdown.


 top // legging


tank // skirt


tank // capri


tank // sweatpant


zip-up jacket // legging

The Satchel of My Eye

Christmas came early this year. Foley + Corinna generously sent me a bag I have coveted since I saw Blair Waldorf carrying it during the first season of Gossip Girl: the Lady Tote, albeit in a chic solid black iteration with studded hardware. I have been on the look out for a new black handbag, something edgier than my Kate Spade one with a bow (you know the one), and this is exactly it. I love that Foley + Corinna Lady Tote can be worn with the top folded over as a clutch without the cross-body strap (it clips off) or with cross-body strap hands-free. Last weekend I wore it as a tote, held by the top handles.

When I mentioned the Gossip Girl reference to my husband, he was confused. Wasn’t the first season ten years ago? Yes, it was. Does that make the bag out of date? Absolutely not, that makes it a total classic and if I love something now as much as I did a decade ago, then I absolutely need to add the piece to my closet. I am a curator when it comes to my wardrobe choices and I take my choices seriously.

Since the tote was the hero item of the day, I wanted to keep the rest of my outfit subdued. My go-to comfortable outfit: a long sleeved, long length tee shirt, houndstooth cardigan, leggings, leather coat, and riding boots and I was ready to go to brunch. (My husband was waiting on me for a mere fifteen minutes – this time!)

Within the last year, Foley + Corinna made the move to Liberated Leather, or vegan leather. Along with a more economical price point, the relaunched line is much more durable, while keeping the iconic shapes for which this brand is known. Act fast on this bag, because in addition to the already competitive price point, the satchel of my eye is marked down!

satchel (c/o Foley + Corinnaalternate colorway) // coat (c/o Long Tall Sally) // cardigan (c/o Long Tall Sally) // long sleeve tee // leggings // boots // sunglasses (alternate colorway, alternate colorway, alternate colorway, alternate colorway) // necklace // earrings // driving gloves (similar)

Good Tidings are Made of Tartan

Last week we were in New York City. I had a few meetings, so we decided that my husband would join me in the city and we would stay for a few extra days.

We were able to catch up with friends who live in the city, visit the Hockney exhibit at the Met and Volez Voguez Voyagez, go to A Bronx Tale on Broadway, and see the Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center. We also ate so much good food, but always the case in New York, walked it off. In the process, I broke in a pair of Brooks Brothers booties.

Good Tidings are Made of TartanIMG_1328IMG_1361IMG_1327IMG_1332

When we visit New York, we stay in the Hilton Fashion District Hotel. It is so close to Penn Station; we only have to walk about a third of a mile from the train station to drop off  and pick up the luggage when leaving and going to board the Keystone.

When I found these long pajama pants, I jumped on the first time they were offered on promotion. While the camisole does not come in tall, a tall size is not necessary. The tartan is so dang festive, I could not help but jump on the bed in it.

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#tbt to the Gap European Collection



I wish there were more available images of the Gap European collection, specifically those available in Fall 2008. I distinctly recall rediscovering the Gap during that time. Unfortunately, the Gap did not have the foresight to offer the European Collection in the extended tall lengths. This effectively made me stick to the standard collection and the tall lengths offered within it.

The European Collection was boss. Tragic that I didn’t buy any of it.

Agree to Christmas Tree

The husband and I had a trip to Tuckamony Farm for a Christmas tree on the books for last Saturday since before Thanksgiving. Cue the Friday before, as my family all over the southeast was getting snow, we came up with a game plan to get out of the apartment ASAP Saturday morning to drive out to rural Pennsylvania and fetch a Christmas tree.

Realistically, we didn’t get on the road ASAP. The snow started about twenty minutes before we left for Tuckamony Farm. Later in the car, my husband told we that we were thirty seconds from abandoning the plan; I will tell you as I told him, that I was nowhere near ready to ditch the plan. After heating up the SUV, stocking it with gloves and rope, and brushing away the snow, we were ready to go.

I essentially copied my outfit from last year, albeit in a winter-ized fashion. Festive plaid? Check! His wool sweater? Check! L.L.Bean boots with shearling? Check! And the L.L.Bean boots for him? Check!

I cannot articulate how much the snow enhanced the ambiance of our day. The powder adorning trees and branches and yards was something out of a Christmas card. I mentioned to the husband that it reminded me of a December to Remember Sales Event commercial for whichever automobile company employed it, while also mentioning that I did not want nor need a new SUV. I love living in cities but our day trip gave me a second thought about moving out to the countryside. An hour out of Philadelphia, we arrived at Tuckamony Farm and after grabbing a hot chocolate, endeavored out to Field 2 and Field 3 in search of the perfect tree.

We didn’t have to search nearly as far as we did last year. About halfway into Field 3, the husband asked me my opinion on a tree and after doing a 360, we knew we found the one we would bring home for our first Christmas as husband and wife.

peacoat // plaid shirt // sweater // leggings // scarf (hand made, by mother-in-law) // socks // boots // his boots // gloves // pearl necklace // pearl earrings

Not A Moment Too Moon

I remember the first time I heard about Mignon Faget jewelry. I was a freshman at Millsaps College. Several of the girls who also lived in Becky Bacot Hall owned pieces. One night, I was actually lent a set of three pendants on a chain: the beaded, double half round, and I think the third was the knot? Bold and trusting move to lend that jewelry out, but my New Orleanean friend believed that I wouldn’t drop it in a toilet at the KA house.

Several Christmases, Easters, and birthdays later and I, too, have amassed quite the collection of Mignon Faget.

The last time I wrote about a Mignon Faget collection release, it encompassed the wire bow cuff. Shortly after the wire cuff collection was available, the Crescent Collection followed. It was very fittingly released on the day of the great American solar eclipse: August 21, 2017. The designs were inspired by the New Orleans water meter cover. Compare the two and anyone can see how the Crescent Collection pays homage to this NOLA icon.

NOLA water meter.jpg
Credit: Anne Power

I was thrilled when I opened the parcel with celestial stacking rings from Mignon Faget. Wear one solo, wear three stacked, wear them on different fingers. Mignon Faget is taking ten percent off any purchase of three or more Crescent Collection rings. Act now.

dress (old, similar tall option availablesimilarsimilarsimilarsimilar) // pearl earrings  // pearl necklace // pearl bracelet // moon ring (℅ Mignon Faget) // beaded ring (℅ Mignon Faget) // star ring (℅ Mignon Faget) // sunglasses // purse (similar) // shoes (old, alternate colorwayalternate colorway)

The Colour and The Cape

Do you remember back in the day (by that I mean, a decade or so ago) when you couldn’t get a dress sized for a tall framed female to save your life? Yes, there were “tall” pants available, but those typically had a 34″-35″ inseam. Pairs eventually were available in longer lengths, and eventually dresses and woven and knit shirts followed. I suppose a tall torso was an afterthought for many a label.

These days not only do mall brands offer tall dresses, albeit exclusively online, but there have been many a boutique line that offer clothing for the exclusively for the tall female. Meghan Evans Clothing is one of these lines. The first collection was released earlier this year and consisted of a peplum top, tweed wrap blazer, and printed shift dress. Restrained, but well done. The second collection was just released: a faux wrap dress, stripe knit dress, and a surplice neck top.

Meghan saw a void in the market for professional wear for the tall girl and is doing something about it. In a world where fast fashion is king, it is so refreshing to see a line produced in an ethical manner. Furthermore, as a gal who spent her twenties within the Beltway, I love that this line is locally produced in Washington DC.

I received the faux wrap dress earlier this week and was pleasantly surprised by the fabric. It reminded my husband of neoprene and I agree. It is the type of fabric that will hold you in (no Spanx necessary!) and keep you warm. The sleeves are extra long and the body is long enough to wear to the office. I loved that the dress moved with me; if I can wall sit in this dress, no doubt will I feel comfortable wearing it to any meeting.

Now, let’s all smash some glass ceilings in this dress.

dress (℅ Meghan Evans Clothing) // cape (similar) // cape (similar) // cape (similar) // purse // tights //  heels (simlar) // heels (alternate colorway) // heels (alternate colorway) // heels (alternate colorway) // heels (alternate colorway) // heels (alternate colorway) // sunglasses // pearl earrings // pearl necklace // pearl bracelet // gold pave bracelet // gold pave bracelet (budget)