Agree to Christmas Tree

The husband and I had a trip to Tuckamony Farm for a Christmas tree on the books for last Saturday since before Thanksgiving. Cue the Friday before, as my family all over the southeast was getting snow, we came up with a game plan to get out of the apartment ASAP Saturday morning to drive out to rural Pennsylvania and fetch a tree.

Realistically, we didn’t get on the road ASAP. The snow started about twenty minutes before we left for Tuckamony Farm. Later in the car, my husband told we that we were thirty seconds from abandoning the plan; I will tell you as I told him, that I was nowhere near ready to ditch the plan. After heating up the SUV, stocking it with gloves and rope, and brushing away the snow, we were ready to go.


Agree to Christmas Tree



I essentially copied my outfit from last year, albeit in a winter-ized fashion. Festive plaid? Check! His wool sweater? Check! L.L.Bean boots with shearling? Check! And the L.L.Bean boots for him? Check!

I cannot articulate how much the snow enhanced the ambiance of our day. The powder adorning trees and branches and yards was something out of a Christmas card. I mentioned to the husband that it reminded me of a December to Remember Sales Event commercial for whichever automobile company employed it, while also mentioning that I did not want nor need a new SUV. I love living in cities but our day trip gave me a second thought about moving out to the countryside. An hour out of Philadelphia, we arrived at Tuckamony Farm and after grabbing a hot chocolate, endeavored out to Field 2 and Field 3 in search of the perfect tree.

We didn’t have to search nearly as far as we did last year. About halfway into Field 3, the husband asked me my opinion on a tree and after doing a 360, we knew we found the one we would bring home for our first Christmas as husband and wife.

peacoat // plaid shirt // sweater // leggings // scarf (hand made, by mother-in-law) // socks // boots // his boots // gloves // pearl necklace // pearl earrings

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