Sweat It Be

The studio where I took pilates this past spring recently replaced all of their reformers. I was only slightly dismayed to learn that the carriages (the flat surface that moves) were the same dimensions as those on the old reformers. I have never been able to keep my arms straight while lying down on it, as they are proportionate to the rest of my body (i.e. long limbed) and I lived under perpetual paranoia that my fingers would get pinched or caught between the rails and the carriage. I commented that my torso is nearly too long for the carriage, to which the studio owner replied that the manufacturer does make extra long ones.

Have you ever been in a yoga class and moved from plank to knees-chest-chin and because you are so tall end up with your face on the studio floor, as opposed to the mat, as intended? It is beyond foul, especially when there is 90 degree class preceding the one that you are currently taking. Another tall woman who took many of the same yoga classes I did, mentioned to me that extra long yoga mats are a thing and that I should look into it.

With that, I began my hot pursuit for not only rounding up all of the tall yoga mats, but all of the tall active gear from golf skirts to snowboarding pants.

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The Satchel of My Eye

Christmas came early this year. Foley + Corinna generously sent me a bag I have coveted since I saw Blair Waldorf carrying it during the first season of Gossip Girl: the Lady Tote, albeit in a chic solid black iteration with studded hardware. I have been on the look out for a new black handbag, something edgier than my Kate Spade one with a bow (you know the one), and this is exactly it. I love that Foley + Corinna Lady Tote can be worn with the top folded over as a clutch without the cross-body strap (it clips off) or with cross-body strap hands-free. Last weekend I wore it as a tote, held by the top handles.

When I mentioned the Gossip Girl reference to my husband, he was confused. Wasn’t the first season ten years ago? Yes, it was. Does that make the bag out of date? Absolutely not, that makes it a total classic and if I love something now as much as I did a decade ago, then I absolutely need to add the piece to my closet. I am a curator when it comes to my wardrobe choices and I take my choices seriously.

Since the tote was the hero item of the day, I wanted to keep the rest of my outfit subdued. My go-to comfortable outfit: a long sleeved, long length tee shirt, houndstooth cardigan, leggings, leather coat, and riding boots and I was ready to go to brunch. (My husband was waiting on me for a mere fifteen minutes – this time!)

Within the last year, Foley + Corinna made the move to Liberated Leather, or vegan leather. Along with a more economical price point, the relaunched line is much more durable, while keeping the iconic shapes for which this brand is known. Act fast on this bag, because in addition to the already competitive price point, the satchel of my eye is marked down!

satchel (c/o Foley + Corinnaalternate colorway) // coat (c/o Long Tall Sally) // cardigan (c/o Long Tall Sally) // long sleeve tee // leggings // boots // sunglasses (alternate colorway, alternate colorway, alternate colorway, alternate colorway) // necklace // earrings // driving gloves (similar)

Agree to Christmas Tree

The husband and I had a trip to Tuckamony Farm for a Christmas tree on the books for last Saturday since before Thanksgiving. Cue the Friday before, as my family all over the southeast was getting snow, we came up with a game plan to get out of the apartment ASAP Saturday morning to drive out to rural Pennsylvania and fetch a Christmas tree.

Realistically, we didn’t get on the road ASAP. The snow started about twenty minutes before we left for Tuckamony Farm. Later in the car, my husband told we that we were thirty seconds from abandoning the plan; I will tell you as I told him, that I was nowhere near ready to ditch the plan. After heating up the SUV, stocking it with gloves and rope, and brushing away the snow, we were ready to go.

I essentially copied my outfit from last year, albeit in a winter-ized fashion. Festive plaid? Check! His wool sweater? Check! L.L.Bean boots with shearling? Check! And the L.L.Bean boots for him? Check!

I cannot articulate how much the snow enhanced the ambiance of our day. The powder adorning trees and branches and yards was something out of a Christmas card. I mentioned to the husband that it reminded me of a December to Remember Sales Event commercial for whichever automobile company employed it, while also mentioning that I did not want nor need a new SUV. I love living in cities but our day trip gave me a second thought about moving out to the countryside. An hour out of Philadelphia, we arrived at Tuckamony Farm and after grabbing a hot chocolate, endeavored out to Field 2 and Field 3 in search of the perfect tree.

We didn’t have to search nearly as far as we did last year. About halfway into Field 3, the husband asked me my opinion on a tree and after doing a 360, we knew we found the one we would bring home for our first Christmas as husband and wife.

peacoat // plaid shirt // sweater // leggings // scarf (hand made, by mother-in-law) // socks // boots // his boots // gloves // pearl necklace // pearl earrings

Basic B Essentials

Let’s be honest. As much as I love to serve up tall style realness, there is a part of me that gravitates to a more low key look. Add in rainy day weather and good luck even bringing oneself to roll out of bed! 


Last weekend my little sister posted a photo with styling throwback to J.Crew at the height of Jenna Lyon’s influence. The striped shirt under the end-on-end button down? Genius to pull that out of her sartorial bag of tricks. Her interpretation inspired me to layer a long sleeve tee beneath a button down, albeit a chambray one. And trust, we both have the button down she is wearing, the only difference being our respective monograms.

She was always the free spirit of the pod.

Did I copy cat her skater sneakers? Guilty. To be fair, I already had them in my closet (last seen here and here and here). The major thing I didn’t copy, which was next level, was her beret. For her privacy, I cropped out her face, but trust that she was throwing out next level Parisian vibes.

umbrella // shirt (old, similarsimilar) // long sleeve tee shirt // leggings (old, similar) // necklace (old, similar) // earrings // ring // shoes (also herehere, similarsimilar)

Four Degrees From Kevin Bacon

I studied historic preservation and architectural history in graduate school. One of the classes that made a huge impact on me was a 500 level Urban Design seminar. And this is when I hit y’all with some next level seven four degrees of separation. The gentleman who taught the Urban Design seminar, Karl DuPuy, was a protege of Edmund Norwood Bacon. Edmund Norwood Bacon is a native son of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, which is also my current city. More notably, Edmund Bacon, whom his theories I studied and wrote extensively about in blue book exams, is Kevin Bacon’s father.

Let’s review that:

 you • me • Karl DuPuy • Edmund Bacon • Kevin Bacon

Congrats! You are four degrees from Kevin Bacon.

Back to urban design. I love walking through cities. You experience architecture differently than driving or biking through them (though I highly recommend the former). Add to that, that you experience architecture differently walking on either sides of the street and walking either way. While I could regurgitate that after the Urban Design seminar, I only understood it after I started long distance running while I was living in Washington D.C.

This is one of my favorite corners in Philadelphia and not only because there is a Starbucks location. I don’t love walking this neighborhood but I stand by this corner being boss.

sweatshirt (alternate colorway) // long sleeve tee // vest (similar) // leggings // boots // sunglasses // tote bag // earrings // ring

Tall Ski Pants Marked Down

my last time snowboarding

I found the best fitting ski pants for a tall gal. Much better than the pair I last wore snowboarding (see above). I purchased them when they were full price on a promotion, but found that they were too small. Eight months later they were nearly sold out of a tall size run; however, after some light stalking, they were once again available one size larger than I typically wear. Per the reviews,  this is a common sentiment. Size up, thank me later.


Sit down. Okay, are you sitting? They have a 35″ inseam. They are marked down to $75. Want more info on the pants?

When Festival Fashion Goes Wrong


Two weekends ago, the fiance and I went to a music festival in Camden. We bought the tickets intending on seeing Fitz and the Tantrums, but we were late getting back from Annapolis so unfortunately, we missed their set. We caught the tail end of The 1975, and decided to stay for Empire of the Sun, Bastille, and Kings of Leon.

The day’s high was 59 degrees with slight precipitation. While it did not amount to real rain, there was enough moisture in the air to warrant a rain coat. The fiance warned me that this was hypothermia-triggering weather and so I took extra consideration in picking an outfit that would keep me dry and warm. I wore a Patagonia rain coat, North Face moisture-wicking long sleeve, Lululemon Wunder Unders, and sneakers. Truth be told, I could have gone for another layer under the rain coat.

We got to the venue and noticed that while other girls were my sartorial doppelgangers, a solid number of girls decided to take a festival fashion angle. There were denim cutoffs, white eyelet pieces, and sandals. Part of me felt bad for these girls who attempted to prioritize #aesthetics over comfort or even health. (How many of these people came down with a cold the next day? I am curious.) But I also know that these girls should have known better. So ladies, going forward, can we agreed to forego festival aesthetics for comfort and health? We both know that you did not pin wet hair and goosebumps to your festival pinterest board.

rain coat // pant // sneakers // shirt

Longest Leggings Ever

Since I got back on the workout train last December, I have been working on increasing my collection of leggings. Having amassed quite the selection of black reversible Lululemon leggings with the basic black and patterned waistband options, I decidedly skipped Lululemon entirely and shopped other brands. I passed on another pair of from the Beyond Yoga x Kate Spade collaboration, as they did not hold up the way I wished.


Enter Alo. I was skeptical that the 34″ inseam that the item description cited was a typo. I was pleasantly surprised that the 34″ inseam was spot on, with the potential for the leggings to stretch further. The rise on these leggings is higher than the rise on the standard Lululemon Wunder Under. This style fits true to size.

I purchased two pairs in this style. I have worn each once a week since the end of December to either barre, yoga, and namaste + tone. The waistbands in each pair stay in place while going through a vinyasa flow. There is no inching downwards. Perhaps most crucial is that neither pair are see-through in down dog. Especially, when there is a mirror at the back of the class, opaque fabric on the backside is key.

With multiple solid and print combinations, these leggings are a no-brainer for the tall girl whether she is sporting these to the studio or to brunch.

tank // legging // yoga mat // yoga towel // water bottle

Wear What You Know

After yoga class last Sunday morning, the fiance and I decided to have brunch at North 3rd. Along the way there, we found a beautiful ivy-lined fence. While I do not condone ivy growing on the exterior of any building, ivy growing on fencing is acceptable, as it is considerably less expensive to replace a cedar fence once the moisture destroys it.



I stuck with an outfit formula that I have used in past (last seen in this post). When the yoga class was over, I changed out of yoga leggings to shower and change into – tada! – a (clean) pair of yoga leggings. With an army green waxed jacket, skater sneakers, and a concert tee shirt older than I am, I was ready for brunch.

The concert tee shirt is by far my favorite part of the outfit; possibly my favorite item in my closet. While my parents were dating, they and a group of their friends went to one of the Hampton Roads dates. As my dad tells it, it was a general admission show and there was actual sprinting of their entire posse when the gates opened to get a plum standing spot in the venue. Rocking out to the Rolling Stones…they were much cooler than I was at that age, but do not tell them I said that.

jacket // tank // wunder under legging // sunglasses // sneakers (similar) // clutch (similar) // ring // pearl cuff // bracelet with black diamonds

Workin’ On My Fitness

While I promise that this blog will never lose it’s focus from tall style and other height-specific interests, I will absolutely check in with my 2017 commitments throughout the year. Being that one of these commitments was a rededication to living healthier, I want to revisit my physical fitness goals. I tracked my fitness class attendance for 2017 and so far I have made it to 22 fitness classes in 26 days.

I wore the New Balance x J.Crew perfect tank to yoga Sunday morning and it is indeed perfect. I layered the seamless hoodie from the same collaboration on top of the tank, until the studio heated up. The style is great for to / from the studio, so much so that I just ordered another one in bitter lemon. I wore the seamless tank from the collection to Bootcamp, Namaste and Tone, and Yoga; again so many times that I just ordered a second one in mauve.

I have sang the praises of Lululemon Wunder Unders in prior blog posts. On Sunday I wore my favorite printed cropped pair. I usually do not go for cropped styles as they tend to hit too high on my calves for my liking (#tallgirlproblems, amirite?) but the print is so awesome I had to make an exception.

There are accessories to consider when planning for a workout.

  • S’well water bottles are amazing; they tend not to collect condensation and the contents remains cold. Just buy the largest option.
  • A headband is necessary for keeping the little hairs too short for a ponytail from getting in the way and distracting from your workout. My favorites are from Lululemon and Victoria’s Secret Sport.
  • As far as yoga mats go, I bought the most affordable model at Target which was of the Gaiam variety.
  • I invested more in the yoga towel. For those who are unaware, the yoga towel is a complete and total game changer. I used to slip and slide around my mat once I would work up a yoga glow. Cut to me being completely paranoid of my hands slipping out from under me during down dog. That all changed on one fateful day back in the Spring of 2012 and my yoga practice was transformed.

I read that January 18 is the most common day that new year’s resolutions are dropped. Not this girl, not this year!

tank // hoodie // wunder under crop (similar) // headband // S’Well bottle // yoga mat // yoga towel

Ice, Ice, Baby

I moved to Philadelphia seven months ago. Prior to moving to Philadelphia, I lived in Washington DC for eight years. Before that, I lived in Mississippi for twelve years. As the years prior were spent up and down the Atlantic seaboard – both the North American and European sides, mind you – I became acclimated to rather temperate winters.


I spent the winter of 1992 wearing a boots and a snowsuit. Fifteen years later, I spent the winter of 2007 wearing Rainbow flip flops and had no need for a winter jacket. Having experienced both extremes, I can confidently say that I favor dressing for four seasons. Driving is a different story with my two-wheel drive SUV, but luckily I snagged myself a fiance who grew up in Russia and Alaska!

I was so excited to wake up to snow this past Saturday. As I walked to my morning barre class (just getting a jump on New Year’s resolutions over here), I realized that it was raining and that the snow I was so excited about was actually super icey.

We had plans post-barre class to walk to Center City and run a few errands. Thank Sweet Baby Jesus that we both were in possession of a pair of L.L.Bean boots. Back in 1992 while I was toddling around in boots and a snowsuit, my mom was working for L.L.Bean headquarters. When I moved to Washington DC, she was sure to equip me with a pair of boots that I would be able to wear in the most extreme of conditions. After seeing my shear-lined pair, the fiance requested the most tricked out pair, complete with the Goretex and Thinsulate lining, as his 2015 Valentine’s Day gift, which due to the notorious backlog that year were not delivered until April.

The fiance and I took a detour through Washington Square. Having earned my first Master’s degree in Historic Preservation, I love any and all structures and landscapes with a story. It was picturesque and surprisingly deserted. Throwing out regard to the fact that my outfit consisted of a sweatshirt and leggings (and the ever-present pearls), we decided to capture the moment with a few photos. As the first icey and snowy day in Philadelphia with the sweet fiance, I knew it was one I would want to remember always.

kale sweatshirt in heather grey // kale sweatshirt in heather blue // kale sweatshirt in navy // kale tee // wunder under leggings // boots, 8″ // boots, 10″ // gloves // socks // coat

My Favorite Things

I have the best childhood memories of picking out Christmas trees with the family. We would drive out to a Christmas tree farm, look and look until we found the perfect tree, and enjoy a hot chocolate and candy cane. This Christmas being the first my fiance and I have been living together, I insisted that we drive about an hour out of the city to Tuckamony farm. (The staff there was so sweet. I highly recommend it if you are in the Philadelphia area.) We combed three tree fields until we found the perfect one. Luckily the back seats of my SUV were disassembled and the tree fit. Thank sweet baby Jesus, because neither of us wanted to drive back down 95 with a Christmas tree riding piggy back!


My outfit was perfect for the 50 degree weather.

When I saw the plaid shirt came in tall, I immediately jumped at it, especially since I ordered it on a Black Friday promotion. (I loved the plaid so much, I may have [definitely did] ordered the matching pajama pants for myself [and my sister, who is even taller than me], complete with monogram [hers too], since they came in tall.)

I have been looking for tall length sweaters a lot lately. I ordered the fiance a tall medium in a men’s lambswool crewneck style about two months ago. Yesterday was the day I realized that I wanted to borrow it. I love that it fits roomy enough to wear over a button up while fitting streamlined enough to wear beneath a vest. I love the long length of the sleeves and the body. I love that it smells like the fiance the most.

I cannot sing the praises of Lululemon leggings enough. Unfortunately they weren’t the best pant to wear while walking through a Christmas tree farm. Holly leaves and prickly pieces got me as we were traversing the three fields.

I bought a pair of Loeffler Randall Marits about a year and a half ago. (Note: Go up a size in all Loeffler Randall styles.) I wore them so much that I wore a hole in the right sole. Rather than purchase a new pair of $600 boots, I opted to bring them to a cobbler and pay $75 for new leather soles. Yesterday was my second day wearing them since they came back from the cobbler, and I can confirm that it was an excellent decision. This does not stop me from putting a brown pair of Loeffler Randall boots on my Christmas list.

plaid button up // crewneck sweater // vest // boots (similar) // sunglasses // bracelet // earrings // bag (similar) // bag (similar)