Let There Be Bright

Last Saturday the husband and I went to brunch at Maison 208 and then to Ritz Five for Hotel Artemis. Over the course of the afternoon, we walked over five miles. And y’all, it was hot out. The temperature topped eighty-six degrees. We were sure to hydrate: myself with bubbly rose, the husband with beer, both with water.

We do not tend to dine in the gayborhood; that is going to change. We loved the restaurant. Along with the rose bubbles, I had the creme brulee French toast and applewood smoked bacon, extra crispy. The husband had the fried chicken. Neither of us shared with the other, which when you think about it, is the true sign of an amazing meal. With a 1980s soundtrack, I am already planning our next brunch at Maison 208.

I originally planned to wear a shirtdress. I did not run enough miles this week because my thighs just did not want to let the dress button the entire way. Jorts it was with a shirt that has been hanging in my closet since the last After Party sale with the tags still attached, done.

Also on the to-do list: three miles per day each day this week.



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