Shirt It

I distinctly remember my first summers both in Washington D.C. and Philadelphia, respectively in 2008 and 2016. I had arrived in the nation’s capitol weeks after my graduation from undergrad, late June, from the Mississippi Gulf Coast. 2008 was a great time to be in D.C. and I will always look back on that summer when I moved myself up there in my Ford Escape on a seventeen hour solo mission.

Years of heat and humidity in the deep south did not prepare me for what was to come so many latitude degrees north. I chalk it up to moving from a suburban area to an urban area; hoofing it around the cities as opposed to cruising in one’s SUV with the air conditioning on high blast changes ones perception of comfort in relation to temperature. My first day out in about in D.C. involved walking from the Foggy Bottom Metro stop into Georgetown for a job interview in a black BCBG sheath dress and olive BCBG heels, but not before ducking into the Barnes & Noble (RIP) for a bottle of water in their cafe and a trip to their bathroom to paper towel off sweat.

When the temperature turns up this summer, rather than a black BCBG number, this shirtdress is going to be the first thing I grab from the closet.


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