The Land of Linen

I saw this linen shell and it struck me as classic, quintessential, Banana Republic. Not the polyester-laden Banana Republic of today, but the Banana Republic that I only saw ads for within the pages of my mother’s InStyle while we were living abroad. Just for reference, this was during the early to late 1990s. Kate Moss was queen and as a stick of a preteen, I related to her as I too, was skin and bones. #thegoodoledays #kidding #kinda

If Banana Republic could just go all-in on the norm core aesthetic sported by Kate Moss in the above images and offered the key pieces in the tall range, I would go wild for it. Nothing makes me more nostalgic than 90s minimalist style, specifically the memories of paging through my mom’s magazines and thinking about living the lifestyle depicted in the Banana Republic imagery. It was the life of the grown-up that I wanted to be.

The shell that took me down memory lane (also available in black and white and in a petite size range)…


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