Strappy Days

Lately I have been on the Sex and  the City diet. While the style of my favorite character was actually Natasha’s, I think Samantha’s and Charlotte’s styles, and to a lesser degree Miranda’s, styles were fantastic and really spoke to the characters themselves.

I was perusing the tall selection at the Banana Republic online store and found a dress that screamed Samantha Jones from the scene where she passes Mr. Cocky on the street and he followed her until she paused in front of a storefront (Season 2, Episode 18: Ex and the City).


This dress comes in tall. The tall is only available in the shocking pink these days. (The regular and the petite sizes are also available in pink, but also classic black.) The dress does not contain polyester, and these days y’all, to say it is a challenge to find anything without polyester at Banana Republic is an understatement. Can you imagine wearing the dress on the walk to work on a 80 degree morning and just slipping on a cardigan or a schoolboy blazer when you get to the office? Just me…?

Well, now that I put the idea in your ear it is time to execute.


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