An Ode to a Rugby Stripe

Rugby stripes are such a classic. There is a reason that they have been a mainstay in closets since the 1980s. My own rugby shirt memory revolves around moving to a new middle school in the mid-to-late 1990s. I was so envious of the rugby shirts in the school colors complete with the school crest, sported by the student council.

Thank goodness I did not get looped into student council until much later. My twelve year old girl frame would have looked like….a twelve year old boy frame in that rugby shirt. Now that would have been tragic.

I later coveted a coral / shell pink rugby shirt from J.Crew circa spring 2000. Earlier this year, I wrote about my enthusiasm for the reissuing of said shirt. Even better these days, it is available to be monogrammed. Unfortunately, the length of the current style did not work on my tall frame, but I am ever hopeful that a second try with the dress version may work, and if not, I found two alternate styles at other brands that are available in tall.

dress with crest (also available in tall and petite) // dress (also available in petite) // dress (also available in tall and petite)

Shirtdresses Strike Back

How many times have I written about shirtdresses in the past two weeks? A mere three times.

How many shirtdresses have I purchased in the past four weeks? I am standing at three.

I am telling myself no more, but do allow me to share these two styles with you. Both come in tall. (#andtheangelssang) I am combining them into one post because they are so dang similar. 

shirtdress // belted version (not pictured)

A Blue Ribbon Dress

I have written before about my admiration Lily’s style from the movie Thoroughbreds. (Fashionista did a really great article here.) I could compare it to Blair Waldorf’s style, but I think that is simplifying it too much. Lily’s outfits were much more complex. Especially when the costume count is low, every single detail of an ensemble has to say something about the character.

This dress is something I could see in Lily’s closet. That grosgrain ribbon? Ugh. Everything. The contrast between the lace and the ribbon makes the dress. Imagine me wearing the tall version (#andtheangelssang), a lightweight wool navy gold-buttoned blazer, and Gucci loafers. I am getting fall vibes from this combination, so I will have to wait until October to take this outfit on its maiden voyage.


No Rest for the Cricket Sweater Dress

I have been coveting a cricket sweater for the longest time. Ever since I re-binged the later seasons of Sex and the City and noticed how chic Charlotte looked showing Elizabeth Taylor Goldenblatt in the athletic-inspired staple, I have had my eye out for one. For some reason, there is a gentlemen’s version in several price points every season. Not the case for the ladies.

Credit: HBO

Last weekend I went to a matinee of Thoroughbreds. Highly recommended. It was the one of the last film appearances of Anton Yelchin prior to his untimely and tragic death.

The character of Lily had the most phenomenal wardrobe, though the outfit change seemed low. It was very Blair Waldorf, and I love Blair Waldorf style. During the scene where she is wearing a cricket sweater dress, I Googled for an similar style. In the middle of the theater. It is a sickness.

Credit: June Pictures / B Story / Big Indie Pictures

You will never guess where I found this dress. I did not see it coming. It is available in tall and petite for my shorter friends. I was shocked to see this brand offer beyond standard sizes. It is starting to overcome the reputation that it earned during the aughts. Bonus: the dress is 100% cotton. I can only hope to soon find a pair of 36″ inseam slouchy bootcut jeans in the most perfect faded wash in seasons to come.

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Black and White Silence

I started to notice that a lot of the items that were going on the bookmarks list were black, white, or black and white. I don’t know if it has to do with my recent obsession with SATC, or if it is something else. Probably something else because the stuff I have been attracted to hasn’t fallen into the late 90s minimalism camp. 

clockwise from top left: bow sweater // skirt // tote // sweater dress // striped tee // necklace sweater // tweed pump

My Book/Mark/Downs: Abercrombie & Fitch

Did you know that Abercrombie & Fitch has integrated tall sizing into their line? Yes, they had long denim back in the day, but a long torso’d dress? Forget about that. The following dresses come in long. I am into the fair isle number, but then again, I am on Shopping Moratorium 2018. This is an exercise in willpower.

clockwise from top left: fair isle sweater dress // stripe mock neck sweater dress // zipper neck sweater dress // sequin slip dress // lace trim dress