The Basic Stripe

I recall this dress was released last autumn. I know for a fact that it never popped up in the tall section of the brand website until about four months after it became available. Only to be found in the regular length section of the website, once clicked on the item link, one would notice that tall sizing was in fact a size option. Tricky!

This is not the typical tee shirt dress. The fabric is not particularly soft like a tee shirt. It has no give; in fact I would call the fiber “static”. There is a back zipper. And the sizing is perplexing. I initially purchased this dress in a size six tall. It was too small and it went back to the store. I purchased it later in a size twelve tall. I never wrote about it on my Shopping Moratorium series (only bitched about it on Twitter cause, well duh) because while the hang tag said size twelve tall, the tag that was actually sewn in the clothes said size twelve petite. I only noticed this after I got stuck in the dress and nearly needed to take a pair of scissors and set myself free. Cut to my husband walking in on me looking like I was trying to escape a super chic striped straight jacket.

About a month after the incorrect sizing debacle, I reordered the dress. Yes, I had to wait a month later because the dress constantly sells out in tall. This time the size twelve tall actually did arrive. Thank sweet baby Jesus.

This dress runs small. Usually I wear a size six tall or eight tall (or medium tall) in dresses. Strangely, the sleeves are disproportionate to the length of the dress as they just are too short. Regardless, I am keeping the dress. Too easy not to throw on for casual Friday. (Shrugs shoulders.)






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