Prints Charming

Last weekend the husband and I went to the Pennsylvania Ballet Fall Gala. This year, like many years past, it was held at the Union League in Philadelphia.

The theme of the gala was a black and white masquerade in reference to the first ballet of the season, Romeo and Juliet. A bit heavy handed in the theme department? Perhaps. (Like you do not recall watching Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo + Juliet, particularly the scene where under the influence of what I understand to be molly, Leo spots Claire at the costume rager thrown by Capulet.)

I happened to have the perfect Parker black and white printed dress since last year when I stalked it to the point of markdown and mentally earmarked it for this event. It just so happens that the dress perfectly fit the theme. I bought the steampunk masks from Beyond Masquerade.

Funny story: the husband had a bit of an issue tying his bow tie. To the point that we had to Lyft to our local Brooks Brothers prior to going to the event venue. As we were in our Lyft in Center City, I got a text from one of our friends who was also attending the gala, that he had to stop at a department store on the way for a set of cuff links. Apparently his were all packed up, as he is in the midst of moving.

Ironically, he is a pro at the bow tie and my husband has cuff links to spare. Men.


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