Resale Retail: J.Crew Always

Recently, and seemingly all at once, several retailers that have installed a resale shop-in-shop within their online stores. While some of the resale pages from retailers such as J.Crew and Madewell, are powered by Thredup, others are seemingly all managed by an in house program. All of them have their own branded shop; J.Crew‘s is named J.Crew Always. This is a great way of uncovering that one item that you missed out on the first time around, only to have obsessed about ever since.

Secondhand shopping can be a lot of work and due to that, I am doing the heavy lifting and looking for the highlights. I am pulling any item uncovered from the resale sites that I bought and still love and still have in my closet, as well as bought and still love after selling via eBay or giving away and consequently regretted. I am also pulling tall size range items uncovered from the resale sites; just click on any of the images in that section to be directed to item listing. Fair warning: I was disappointed to note that the majority of the tall clothing selection sits in the four to six size mark; not so much beyond size eight.

part i: j.crew picks also found in my closet (and on the blog!)

part ii: tall selection

0 tall

2 tall

4 tall

6 tall

8 tall

10 tall

12 tall

14 tall

16 tall

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